Make a veggie dog healthy by putting it in a cradle of lettuce on a bun with mustard, relish, veg parmesan, sweet red pepper and onion! Ouch!

Where does that come from? Hot meals for lunch. I brown-bagged it and didn’t complain. I didn’t have piled high roast beef sandwiches like some of the other kids, but I ate and liked what I had. Maybe it’s a throw back to the old days when the main meal was served at noon. I don’t know, but it isn’t the old days any more. It’s now.

Lots of kids would stand in line for that hot meal.

Later, much later, I discovered it was mostly rich people’s kids and kids who wouldn’t get a hot meal at home for supper.

The rich paid the poor so little, that they worked out a way for the government to subsidize hot school lunches for the poor kids plus of course the same lunches at the same meager prices were available to all, which meant for rich kids too.

So in effect the rich people got three benefits: cheap high quality lunches for their lower class underpaid workers throughout the land, cheap lunches for their own kids throughout the land, and no reason to up the below subsistence wages, since they all got the ‘hot lunch meal’ benefit in lieu of raises.

Let’s face it, they got a lot of other little benefits just so the rich companies, corporations, enterprises wouldn’t have to raise their wages. The government took care of it. But who actually paid for those subsidized ‘hot meals’ throughout the land, that allowed rich people to get away with paying below subsistence wages?

The lower and middle-lower and middle classes primarily – that’s where the volume in numbers comes into play. Less from a lot of people is better to them than a lot from fewer people, which would then include them. The rich fight fast, hard and devious to keep their money. It makes one wonder about the cloth being pulled over everybody’s eyes by all the rich lawmakers and breakers in congress at constant war with each other. Over what? What are they fighting over?

There is not one person or group or party that goes beyond the extreme bare minimum, if anything at all, for the greater part of the nations populace. It’s all about the rich warring against the rich. They fight right out in the open with always as a backdrop the so-called needs and desires of that populace that they all seem to know so well – that high volume of numbers of people that keeps everybody awake at night, because the fewer at the top have stripped them bare and how can they take even more and give back even less, unless they find a way to change the people’s minds about their status.

It’s cool to be in debt, as long as we can keep charging you those late fees and high interest rates, because we really do want you to be late with your payment and to default on your loans, because we already got a bundle from you and we’ll make even more in the continual write-offs. Plus we ruin your credit forever, constantly reselling the debt, so everybody gets a piece of you, which means the collectors are after you for life and any credit you get in the future will be at sky high interest and penalty rates.

By their actions they tell you it’s cool and desirable to be indebted to them forever, but then they treat you like a piece of garbage not worthy to sit at their lunch table. Make no mistake about it, you’re the slave and they found a way to master you.

One might think that a cash-making machine like a casino that pays many of it’s employees low enough wages to keep them on public assistance, and that number is higher than the general public might think, would at least provide each employee with one free hot or cold meal per shift.

We’re not talking subsidized by the government here. Subsidized by the casino. Why on this green earth not?

This is what you get now: Free bottled water, free milk, chocolate milk, hot cocoa, free fountain soda, free coffee and tea, free orange juice, apple juice and cranberry juice. Of course the companies that sell this stuff get their advertising machines in place to remind people when outside work to buy their product. Using the dairy industry to provide the free products means the casino is paying a very low price for that continual indoctrination to and dependence on the cow’s milk, rather than providing adult food to sustain them.

Cheap is what it all is – for the casinos and the government that uses the same products. That’s okay. Nothing is wrong with cheap. But one must wonder why poor kids need a subsidized free hot meal for lunch, but adults working at below subsistence wages don’t. There’s a disconnect here. We give the poor kids an adult lunch, and give the poor adults a kids lunch – free milk, soda and coffee should do ya for eight hours work just in case you can’t afford to buy or brown-bag your lunch.

It’s not unlike giving healthcare to kids and no care to adults who care for them. You need healthy adults to raise healthy children.

That’s how rich people placate poor people. They give you something for free that’s practically free to them so you won’t squawk. Then they play it up like they gave you the moon, when all it amounted to was you paying for somebody else’s advertising campaign by consuming the product.

Then they hire management companies that promise to make them even more money by stiffing the employees that make them rich in the first place.

Fair? I ask YOU?

No it’s not fair, but nothing is fair.

Well, something or somebody must be treating all those rich people fairly fair for them to have so much more than everybody else.

Isn’t it strange that it’s usually poor people who get the ‘life’s not fair’ lecture when rich people through their conglomerates take advantage of them?

Free. All you can drink sugary soda and high carb juice drinks, caffeinated drinks, and milk (the allergen drink) is a kick in the can.

A healthy employee is a happy, productive employee.

Why fill them with sugar, simple carbs, caffeine, and milk allergens? To keep them Jacked while working for JACK? Those management companies don’t care what happens to the productivity rate and happy meters of those employees when they crash at home after work or at their second job.

Healthy meals with lots of plant-based options cooked to brag over. That’s what’s needed. Or cold options to brag over.

Not with a little milk, eggs and cheese along with veggies to satisfy the dairy industry. Most people are allergic even if they don’t know it. The whole world knows it; that’s why it’s put on every label of every product that contains it as a warning. So why satisfy the dairy and poultry industry at the expense of employee health and well-being? Money? Kickbacks?

No animal products in half your offerings. It doesn’t have to be all healthy all the time. Sometimes nutrient-dense becomes too nutrient-dense for enjoyability. It’s okay to put some soda in your salad dressing to make it pop or brown sugar in your barbecue sauce. Mashed potatoes can be made without milk. Gravies and sauce can be made without milk. Cakes can be made without eggs. Why put milk in bread? Who needs it?

Plant dairy products and plant meat products are available everywhere – especially for use by the food service industries. They all have taken note and are making changes. Where is JACK CASINO on this? Where does JACK CASINO stand? Who started putting dairy and eggs into everything they made in the first place? And why?

Management companies that manage various departments of rich people’s companies, corporations and enterprises are ruining the workplace. They’re becoming employee abusers by the methods they use to make their rich clients even richer by squeezing more out of each employee while giving them less of everything. There’s an element of sweat shop to their methods. They pinch pennies where they ought not be pinched.

If you cannot exert integrity at the workplace and still make money, then you shouldn’t be trusted with the livelihood of the employees who work to keep you rich. They certainly don’t work for you to make themselves rich.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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