REMEMBER When It Was Fun to come to work?


14 April 2019

After working security for the Indians and the Browns, when offered a full-time gig at Horseshoe in December of 2014 I have to admit I was pretty excited.

My only question was,”WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?”

This job, at this particular time in my life, is convenient, I enjoy it and I’m told now and then that I’m pretty good at it.

The toughest time for me was when we went on a hiring freeze and you never knew if you’d get a break or not. Being on our feet all day, as we security people generally are, it takes its toll when you don’t see an end to the rough patch in sight and there’s nothing coming from upstairs to explain what the heck it’s all about.

But if indeed Jack Cleveland Casino is off the market and if Mr. Gilbert is indeed intellectually and emotionally vested in making this casino a success, then I am once again pretty excited about the future.

REMEMBER When It Was Fun to come to work?

Believe it or not, that sentiment about the good old days was a common refrain when I went on a listening tour after being elected President of Local Union 141.

Although I focused on ‘security’ I engaged with salaried and hourly workers from every department.

I drew some conclusions:


Some team members never even tried.

One said that Dan should fire half his staff if he wants half a chance of being a half-assed casino.

# 2 Everyone is miserable.

# 3 We have no standards.

# 4 There is no accountability unless someone steals or lets in a minor.

# 5 The inmates truly run the asylum.

# 6 The inmates are empowered by Human Resources.

# 7 Morale across all departments is at an all-time low.

# 8 A coach, a coach mind you, from the depth of their discontent muttered…I wish someone in my family would die so I could get 3 days bereavement away from this hell-hole.

That coach of course didn’t mean it literally, but that’s how frustrated people are with what appears to have become the status quo at Jack.

Nobody knows the game plan or the expectations when they see people not following the rules and nothing being done about it. It’s as if the parents are gone and the kids invited all their friends over for an unchaperoned party – all hell broke loose.

# 9 Our focus must be on NOW, not what so and so did last year or yesterday.


“The only thing that is ultimately real about our journey is what we are doing TODAY, at this moment. That’s All There Ever Is.”

~ Eckhart Tolle


Let’s start with our own department – security.

If any one of us won a big lottery, we probably wouldn’t be here the next day.

In the meanwhile, how about showing up to work according to the schedule you freely agreed to?

On time. Bright-eyed with a smile on your face and a spark in your step. With a pleasant disposition – like you did on the day you were interviewed, wanting this job and putting your best self forward. How about that?

How about for the eight hours that you are clocked in, doing the job you are assigned in the way you were trained to do it? Any questions about how you were trained? Do you forget some of the steps? Then ask – someone you trust whom you know knows.

How about nixing the gossip, the back-stabbing, the evil-eye? Do you really think that’s professional? How about if you owned the casino, would you want the people you hired to be gossiping, back-stabbing and evil-eyeing each other?

Of course you wouldn’t. No business can thrive while the workers are distracted by superfluous junk. Toss the junk. Nobody wants to be burdened with junk while they’re trying to do their best at their job.

How about having each other’s BACK?


We don’t all have to be best friends, but we all are on the same team, and must respect each person’s place on that team.


Life is tough enough. How about we don’t make it tougher for the eight hours we spend with each other every day? Sound like a plan?

How about we extend that courtesy of respect to every single department?

How about implementing Dan GILBERT’S #1 ISM? They pay us to do it anyway.





Apply Dan’s #1 ISM to our teammates, not just to the customers. To each other. TO US. Sound like a plan?

I want our entire local union 141 to buy into and live this Foundation Attitude and this Foundation Behavior. I want you to want it. It’s not enough for me to want it for you.


Yourselves, Your teammates, Your employers, Your customers –

In no particular order.

All at once.


Thank you.

Officer Steve Davies-Tight, President, Local Union 141

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© 2019 Officer Davies

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