24 April 2019

STAIRWAY TO SUCESS – every journey has to start someplace

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with 1 step.

The day you decide to take that first step is your lucky day.

The day that you take that first step is your double lucky day.

Number crunchers who determine how long you will live are called actuaries.

I know one who works for State Farm. He told me after my recent health scare that every time I walk those 42 steps on the Stairway To Success, instead of taking the escalator, that I would add 15 minutes to my life.

At 15 minutes a pop after 1 year translates to 125 hours.

How sweet would that be . . . when the Grim Reaper comes knocking at your door, you say,

     “Hit the road, Jack,

       I’ve still got 5 days and 5 nights of Free Play.”  HA_HA_HA.

Remember 125 hours with just one trip up the stairs each day you work a five day week for one year.

THE BONUS here: The effects are cumulative.

Get your calculators out. Do the math. 

Science says that there are 5 actions you can take to increase longevity:

1> Plant based diet (any fruit, any vegetable, most nuts, most seeds, any legume and any whole grain).

2> Exercise as much as possible. Even a little goes a long way.  Walking is exercise. Getting out of bed or up from the couch is exercise.

3> No smoking.  N-O-N-E!!!  Even second-hand smoking. If you think you have to smoke, eat it instead.

4> Minimal alcohol. This is a slippery slope. They call ‘minimal’ 2-drinks per day for men, 1 for women.

…..One drink is 12 oz. 5% beer, 5 oz. 12% wine, 1&1/2 oz. 80 proof liquor. 

…..What I used to call ‘social drinking’ they now call binge drinking.  I know . . .  don’t shoot me; I’m just the messenger.

5> Maintain a healthy weight.  BMI (body/mass index) is more important than the actual weight itself. No one needs to aspire to be skinny.

I’m adding a 6th action

6> Be S-A-F-E! Don’t take unnecessary risks.

…..Caution with everything. Don’t jump out of planes. Don’t speed. Wear a sear-belt. Don’t text and drive. Don’t share bad stuff. Stay alert. You’re security; it’s expected.

….Off work do the same. When people see you they’ll know you’re security by your professional demeanor. Hey, professionals can still have fun – just not reckless fun. We’ve all been there; let’s do better.

…..don’t be the cause of anything bad happening to somebody else. That somebody else has a family who loves them.

14 Basic Ways to keep your Body in good working order:

1.  You are what you eat, so eat healthy  –  Mediterranean/Dash/Vegan hybrid.

2.  The fruits and vegetables that you eat should be the colors of the rainbow.

3.  Less sugar, more water. Don’t use the soda fountains in the TDR. Drink the 2, 100% juices or the 10 oz. Jack waters. Plus they don’t clean the lines as often as needed.

4.  Move more, sit less. If you rove the right way, i.e. outside/in, every floor, every restroom you should walk 1&1/2 to 2 miles every 2 hour stint.

5.  Get enough rest. Minimum 8 hrs. in a 24 hour period. Tom Brady’s guru says that a good night’s sleep is the most important thing to do for your health.

6.  Tame your stress. Extremely important. Stay calm, stay cool, don’t sweat it. He, she, it isn’t worth it.

7.  Wash your hands. Make sure there is hand sanitizer at your podium. You touch the dirtiest things in Ohio every time you handle an ID. Keep your hands away from your face and don’t lick your fingers.

8.  Limit your drinking. As little as possible while still maintaining your sanity.

9.  Steer clear of smoke.

10. See a good doctor, one you trust, one you can work with, and see her regularly.

11. Use prescriptions correctly. And only as a last resort.  Remember, every medicine has side effects.

12.  Stay up to date on vaccines.

13. Take baby steps. You’d be surprised how easy this is to do and how quickly you witness an cumulative effect from those baby steps.

14. Don’t go it alone. Everything is easier with a good t-e-a-m–m-a-t-e.  

Let’s all get as healthy as we can.
Let’s go as far as we can, as long as we can, as fast as we can.

Drop in the comment window below your suggestions of what works for you in any area. Give us some new ideas, no matter how quirky they may sound. Hey, if it works, I will definitely be a fan of quirky.

Share the Success.

Thank you.

Officer Steve Davies-Tight, President, Local Union 141

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© 2019 Officer Davies

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