(October 1, 2019) LOCAL UNION 141 REPARATION DEMANDS Five years ago today, Mark Crawford negotiated the second worst contract ever. Everyone who can read, write and chew gum agrees that it was a terrible, terrible deal for Jack Security Officers. But he outdid himself in ineptitude with the current 5-year renewal.   He did not improve … Continue reading LOCAL UNION 141 REPARATION DEMANDS


As I said in an earlier document, Like all successful businesses Jack Cleveland Casino strictly controls costs. Waste not, want not. Especially labor costs. And most of all, overtime. In almost five years I have never been payed a penny more than I was owed. And that's how it should be. Likewise, although I wear … Continue reading THE PANHANDLER NEGOTIATION STRATEGY


PART II THE CONTINUED and ONGOING INTIMIDATION TACTICS by SPFPA Union and SPFPA sympathizers will not deter me from completing my job to apprise all union members, and anyone else who shares an interest, in what actually transpired during negotiations for a new contract and how we were misrepresented by SPFPA International Union.  Although we … Continue reading 2 – BEST OFFER AND LAST BEST OFFER

1 – “There’s Good News And Bad News. Which Do You Want To Hear First?”

PART I That's what the doctor asked in a phone call not too long ago. "Tell me the good news", the optimist in me said. "You've got two days to live" said the doctor. "Jeeze, I said. "If that's the good news, what's the bad news?" "I was supposed to tell you yesterday", replied the … Continue reading 1 – “There’s Good News And Bad News. Which Do You Want To Hear First?”

Union President Davies Reluctantly Resigns

Dear Brothers & Sisters of Local Union 141: Like most of you I had never seen nor heard from any SPFPA union representative until a week ago yesterday when we began contract negotiations.  I just paid my dues and kept on trucking. Despite Mark Crawford's utter incompetence and willful disdain your committee was able to … Continue reading Union President Davies Reluctantly Resigns

Me and Garry Met Up With Mark Tricano For A Sit-Down

FIRST QUESTION: Thank you very much Mr. Tricano for your time. I know how busy you are. After a recent incident, one of our officers asked what is the casino doing, or has done, to ensure Team Members and patron safety? M.T. ANSWER: Great question and always appropriate. Considering the number of guests visiting our … Continue reading Me and Garry Met Up With Mark Tricano For A Sit-Down


One of my high school chums made a lot of money as a personal injury attorney. He was, so to speak, the Tim Misney of the Florida Keys. He told me once that a sign of a good agreement is when both sides say "ouch". In other words, no one gets everything they want. They … Continue reading OUCH


25 April 2019 I took a management job in Honolulu, Hawaii from a big drug company out of Detroit a long time ago. I lived and worked right on Waikiki Beach. W-O-W !!!  By far the most beautiful place I had ever seen. For three years I never wore more than a long-sleeved shirt and … Continue reading THE ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM


24 April 2019 STAIRWAY TO SUCESS - every journey has to start someplace A journey of 1,000 miles begins with 1 step. The day you decide to take that first step is your lucky day. The day that you take that first step is your double lucky day. Number crunchers who determine how long you … Continue reading STAIRWAY TO SUCCESS


  18 April 2019 "MYOB M----- F-----" Thank you very much sir or madam. I will do that. Do you see though where it is my business? AT THE WORK PLACE. It becomes my business when somebody insults my mother or all mothers for the entire building to hear. One person hearing that grotesque mother … Continue reading IT’S CONTAGIOUS

REMEMBER When It Was Fun to come to work?

REMEMBER WHEN...?   14 April 2019 After working security for the Indians and the Browns, when offered a full-time gig at Horseshoe in December of 2014 I have to admit I was pretty excited. My only question was,"WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?" This job, at this particular time in my life, is convenient, I enjoy … Continue reading REMEMBER When It Was Fun to come to work?

ONE ON ONE – with the Director

12 April 2019 Director of Security Garry Prebynski Executive Director Garry Prebynski assembled an eleven member management team to assist and guide his security officers in Protecting People and Property at Jack Cleveland Casino. Ten of those managers came from Jack Security. Only one was hired from outside the system. Garry himself was an hourly … Continue reading ONE ON ONE – with the Director


  SHOW ME THE MONEY 12 April 2019 An amateur engages in an activity for the fun of it. It's enjoyable. The bowling team from work, the week-end golfer, pick-up games at the 'Y' are all examples of amateurs loving what they do. Professionals, on the other hand, get paid for what they do. They … Continue reading SHOW ME THE MONEY


STATE OF THE UNION 10 April 2019 Thank you very much for your vote of confidence. I asked for your vote and you gave it. Now I promise you to fight hard and long to get us what we deserve: to be treated fairly and justly and with all due respect, by our employer, Jack … Continue reading STATE OF THE UNION