Just having some alone-time fun after re-discovering the photo booth on my computer. When it instructed me to step out of the frame, nothing happened, so I went back in. Why is it that these days nothing comes with instructions. Everybody just figures it out on their own. I often wonder about what it takes … Continue reading JUST HAVING SOME FUN; DON’T EVERYBODY PANIC

JACK SECURITY PICNIC @ Edgewater Park August 2019

GRILLIN' @ Edgewater Park Jack Security Picnic BEYOND MEAT TASTE TEST. Results? Those who tasted liked it! Nice! A Relaxing Sunday @ Edgewater Park. Beautiful weather. Beautiful people.                


Okay, so yesterday was National Donut Day Friday June 7th 2019. Someone in the office at Jack Cleveland Casino decided it would be a good idea to order some donuts for the staff and maybe a few distributed around the casino - during the day. That person ordered from a local company 400 donuts. Four … Continue reading THE DONUT BLUNDER


We had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Quiet background music, take your time attitude, no eavesdroppers or rubberneckers hanging about, nobody shouting for attention, nobody there to stage an 'ism' or 'ist' attack. Just we 2. Perfect timing. Nice. Clean, professional, no deodorizers to cover up odors, beer and wine limited, but a high end … Continue reading BROWN SUGAR 4 2

Okay, so I didn’t win

I was saving this number for a special occasion I had the number, but played it in the wrong order. I brought 60$ (3, 20s) to play roulette. The plan was to bet 20$ on three different spins. I already had the numbers peeled from a piece of furniture I recently gave away. 2205 I … Continue reading Okay, so I didn’t win