Okay, so yesterday was National Donut Day Friday June 7th 2019.

Someone in the office at Jack Cleveland Casino decided it would be a good idea to order some donuts for the staff and maybe a few distributed around the casino – during the day.

That person ordered from a local company 400 donuts. Four hundred donuts is a lot.

When the donuts arrived they discovered that the person who ordered the donuts mistakenly ordered 400 dozen donuts. So instead of 400, they got 4,800 donuts.

Now nobody except the person paying knows how much they cost, but the going rate is about a dollar a donut. So maybe they paid 50 cents each. Just guessing here. At 50 cents each, 400 donuts would cost $200.00.

What they thought was going to be a petty cash item of 200 dollars turned into a major expense at $2,400.00.

They accepted the donuts and made a lot of people happy, since they not only distributed them to employees and guests inside the casino, but then went outside onto Public Square with trays giving free donuts away.

What originated as a blunder may have turned into an unintentional advertisement strategy that spread some good will from the casino to the public.

Everybody had a big laugh which alone was probably worth the $2,400. Hope no one got yelled at.



We had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Quiet background music, take your time attitude, no eavesdroppers or rubberneckers hanging about, nobody shouting for attention, nobody there to stage an ‘ism’ or ‘ist’ attack. Just we 2. Perfect timing. Nice.

Clean, professional, no deodorizers to cover up odors, beer and wine limited, but a high end selection at fair prices, friendly, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable – ‘stay in the background until somebody needs you’ type of service.

Steve and I have a new favorite Asian restaurant and BROWN SUGAR IS IT. Lakewood, Ohio. On Warren Road – a few yards from Detroit Ave.

Yes, Steve eats TOFU!!

Expansive menu. Lots to choose from no matter your preferences.

Okay, so I didn’t win

I was saving this number for a special occasion

I had the number, but played it in the wrong order.

I brought 60$ (3, 20s) to play roulette.

The plan was to bet 20$ on three different spins.

I already had the numbers peeled from a piece of furniture I recently gave away.


I played the 1st 20 on 22.

I played the 2nd 20 on 5.

I was going to play 22 again, but stuck with the plan and played 20 on 0.

I played out of order, I know. The 0 was iffy, since most of the time I call the numeral 0 the letter O, which would be 15 in the alphabet.

I had the number, I had the money, I had 3  plays.

On the 3rd spin 22 came up and I had my last 20 on 0.

Such is luck, but I didn’t mind losing as much as I normally would, since it was fun to put 20$ on only 1 number per spin. Only one number comes in.

Dad Tight used to get frustrated with me, because I didn’t cover my bets by boxing them; I only bet the way I thought the dogs or horses would actually finish. (Of course I don’t bet on live beings anymore, because of the enslavement and abuse situations.)

I could have spent a lot of money covering all numerical possibilities. I woke up the next morning happy that I didn’t.

My good fortune was being with family I hadn’t seen in a long time.


@Jack Casino with family