WHY? The trash receptacles look the same along Cleveland’s city streets – overflowing with trash. It’s not that people don’t want to use the designated trash receptacles, it’s that the city management team doesn’t want to collect the trash.

Living on the Edge of Cleveland and Lakewood, one sees the startling difference in the way both communities handle their trash. It’s a priority for Lakewood, especially living beside Lake Erie, where rats abound.

Lakewood residents want clean city streets and sidewalks. Judging by the overflowing trash receptacles all over Cleveland, it appears that Cleveland residents want clean city streets too. But the current mayor of Cleveland doesn’t seem to care. Neither does Jack Cleveland Casino seem to care.

How much does an hourly cleaning employee make? More than a Security Officer? Less? And this is what they get paid not to do? Pick up the trash?

The employee dining room services a lot of people. Do the math. Collect the trash when it’s anticipated to be full. The management team wants to cut costs, so they make Jack Cleveland Casino look like a slum. That is unacceptable.

The employees obviously want to dispose of their trash in designated areas, and obviously do, so to the management personnel in charge of cutting costs that result in slumming conditions, may I make a suggestion to collect the trash on a more reasonable and efficient time table. In other words, don’t wait until it’s overflowing.

Study it. Make a collection schedule.

Do they wash the insides of those cabinets each time they empty the trash? Sweet soda and gooey food spills over the walls are bait for unwanted cockroaches that spread diseases. Wash them down each time that trash gets emptied is the way it should be done.

Go ahead, keep treating this beautiful building like a slum and before you know it, it becomes one. And that takes a lot of money and resources to clean up.


Does Dan Gilbert know his management team is turning his casino into a slum building right in the heart of downtown at the prestigious Tower City?

He will now.

Watch out for those rats; they are everywhere. Clever dudes. They spread disease too. All it takes is one rat to take the red carpet tour and scare everybody out of the casino. Better to clean the mess now, before that happens.

What the casino guests can’t see behind the scenes MATTERS. The cleanliness of the rest rooms, the kitchens, the employee dining room, the offices, ALL MATTER.

A person who cleans the front end and leaves the back end dirty because it’s out of sight is not an employee I want on my team.

A team member whose plan it is to clean the front and leave the back dirty to save a few pennies is not a planner I want on my team.

It’s a total package. We need to be proud to show all of it, not just what customers are allowed to see.

Jack Cleveland Casino makes too much money to be operating like a slum. Somebody is making those decisions that are detrimental to JACK’S reputation.

It is not the Security Officers responsibility to clean the dining room where they eat. That’s on the cleaning crew and those who manage the cleaning crew. How many cockroaches are hiding behind the backs of those booths?

Where’s the PRIDE?

The Higbee History continues. Where will it end up?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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