PART II THE CONTINUED and ONGOING INTIMIDATION TACTICS by SPFPA Union and SPFPA sympathizers will not deter me from completing my job to apprise all union members, and anyone else who shares an interest, in what actually transpired during negotiations for a new contract and how we were misrepresented by SPFPA International Union.  Although weContinue reading “2 – BEST OFFER AND LAST BEST OFFER”

1 – “There’s Good News And Bad News. Which Do You Want To Hear First?”

PART I That’s what the doctor asked in a phone call not too long ago. “Tell me the good news”, the optimist in me said. “You’ve got two days to live” said the doctor. “Jeeze, I said. “If that’s the good news, what’s the bad news?” “I was supposed to tell you yesterday”, replied theContinue reading “1 – “There’s Good News And Bad News. Which Do You Want To Hear First?””

MESSAGE SENT TO Sharon Davies-Tight aka The Wife from 313-131

At 1:54 p.m. today on Thursday 5 September 2019 I received a notice from SPFPA on my phone. Steve didn’t receive the notice. It reads like this: Local 141 Brothers and Sisters, Due to the misinformation being disseminated by your former Local President, a special meeting is being held on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019. TheContinue reading “MESSAGE SENT TO Sharon Davies-Tight aka The Wife from 313-131”


I’m going to replace all SPFPA LOGOS with a family of elephants. There are more demands to come…stayed tuned.

Long History Of Corruption In David Hickey’s Union

David Hickey is the International president of SPFPA Related Categories:U.S. | Labor & WorkersFederal Documents Reveal SPFPA President David L. Hickey Attempted to Bribe Two Braidwoodby Braidwood Nuclear Officers Against CorruptionSaturday Mar 3rd, 2018 3:41 PMSPFPA President David L. Hickey FAILS to appear at an NLRB Hearing to testify on his behalf after 2 Exelon Braidwood NuclearContinue reading “Long History Of Corruption In David Hickey’s Union”

Let’s Talk about The HUMAN SHIELD STATUS Of Security Officers

Safety Of Security Officers  We’re here to keep the peace, not to facilitate the fight. We’re here to keep people and property secure. This is an entertainment venue, where people come with expectations of leaving with more money in their hands than when they arrived. Nobody really thinks that losing money is fun. Many comeContinue reading “Let’s Talk about The HUMAN SHIELD STATUS Of Security Officers”

Union President Davies Reluctantly Resigns

Dear Brothers & Sisters of Local Union 141: Like most of you I had never seen nor heard from any SPFPA union representative until a week ago yesterday when we began contract negotiations.  I just paid my dues and kept on trucking. Despite Mark Crawford’s utter incompetence and willful disdain your committee was able toContinue reading “Union President Davies Reluctantly Resigns”