Surprise Announcement by Dan Gilbert

Rocket Mortgage stock skyrockets! It’s taking off like a bullet!! ANNOUNCEMENT by Dan Gilbert The one and only Dan Gilbert of Converting Cities fame and previous owner of the Cavaliers basketball team in Cleveland, Ohio recently announced that his successful Rocket Mortgage Company will convert to a totally not-for-profit mortgage enterprise (details to be released).Continue reading “Surprise Announcement by Dan Gilbert”


SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL DO THE MORNING GAMBLE DANCE YOUR MONEY AWAY On Spectrum 1 Local Cleveland Morning News Advertisements: BE A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY, LIKE ME! WHOLE LOTTO WINNING. OHIO. THAT’S A WHOLE LOTTO WINNING! LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! The Ad shows African man singing the winning song, dancing while losing. Who does that?Continue reading “DO THE MORNING GAMBLE!!”

Alleged Embezzlement Of Union Funds in SPFPA? Convictions? More?

202 PAGES OF INVESTIGATIONS, (ALLEGED?) PROSECUTING AND/OR SENTENCING ACTIONS FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY by MEMBERS OF SPFPA INTERNATIONAL UNION AND/OR ITS AFFILIATES et al THIS LOG OF ALLEGED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF SPFPA UNION MEMBERS SHOULD STARTLE EVERYONE. Most of the alleged activity comes under the category of embezzlement of funds. My question, given this is allContinue reading “Alleged Embezzlement Of Union Funds in SPFPA? Convictions? More?”

Removing Jack Cleveland Casino Images That May Be Subject To Copyright

After being told by SPFPA Union attorney Gregory Gordon to remove from this website any logos associated with said union under penalty of legal action, and since they appeared to be representing Jack Cleveland Casino, I decided that I should also replace any images of Jack Cleveland Casino that may be subject to copyright thatContinue reading “Removing Jack Cleveland Casino Images That May Be Subject To Copyright”


Where does that come from? Hot meals for lunch. I brown-bagged it and didn’t complain. I didn’t have piled high roast beef sandwiches like some of the other kids, but I ate and liked what I had. Maybe it’s a throw back to the old days when the main meal was served at noon. IContinue reading “HOT MEAL FOR LUNCH?”