Removing Jack Cleveland Casino Images That May Be Subject To Copyright

After being told by SPFPA Union attorney Gregory Gordon to remove from this website any logos associated with said union under penalty of legal action, and since they appeared to be representing Jack Cleveland Casino, I decided that I should also replace any images of Jack Cleveland Casino that may be subject to copyright that were obtained through Google searches for free images of Jack Cleveland Casino when I first set up this website. Those pictures, whoever took them, made JACK look really good. Spectacular in fact.

JACK still looks good, just not as spectacular as the images I located on Google made Jack out to look. Night time with lights always produces a better image, when neon-type effects are in play, especially when one has super-duper cameras, which I don’t. I’ll miss those spectacular images that lit up the cold night sky, since I feel they mirrored the inside of the casino more than the actual pictures outside the casino mirrored the inside.

They will be taken down as I get the time to do it. In the meanwhile, I provided pictures taken at my request by a trusted friend with one of my cameras. Here they are.

Compared to the spectacular images of Jack Cleveland Casino I found on ‘free Google images’, this was viewed by me as looking slum-like. In comparison. On closer inspection, yes it is an old building, but it still has it’s old class. And for an old building it looks clean. On the outside.
A closer view shows the sidewalks are well-groomed. Not like the Team Dining Room inside. Why do people keep changing names of everything? It’s an employee dining room, which means dining, which should mean fine. Management companies put the word team in there to make it sound like it’s a team effort. No. It isn’t. The employees are not supposed to clean the dining room. Cleaning staff is supposed to do that.
A tree makes the building behind it seem alive. My grandmother told me once when showing me her African violets that she grew indoors, that every house should have something living in it. Those plants as delicate and beautiful as they were brought her joy and comfort – probably because they responded to her nurturing efforts.
Now I see some grace here. In the gray cobblestone. I like that. A lot. Where are the horses?
HIGBEE. Don’t worry I won’t let you become a slum building.
That gray cobblestone obviously doesn’t last forever. Where did it go? “The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be”. You sure about that? An old song from my parent’s day or maybe grandparent’s day.
I always loved chandeliers – even as a kid, when I saw them in movies. How can one love an inanimate object? What? They’re not alive?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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