Want To Make 50 Dollars Free Cash?

Officer Steve as you know him, and I just cashed in.

That’s right, ANTHEM BLUE CROSS and BLUE SHIELD health insurance offers policyholders 50 dollars if they participate in a colorectal cancer screening program.

If you’re age appropriate, you qualify.

Your insurance pays for the test, then they send you a VISA gift card worth 50 dollars.

You do the test in your home. Poop in the toilet, dip a stick around the water in the toilet, then swab the water on a cardboard patch. Seal and send it to the lab in a postage paid envelope.

Then they send you the reward.

It’s a lot easier than a colonoscopy and can either save your life or give you peace of mind.

I think all insurance companies should offer the same incentive. Maybe they do.

But the insurance company you have if you work at Jack Cleveland Casino offers it. So why not take the cash?

We both passed – came back negative.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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