On Spectrum 1 Local Cleveland Morning News Advertisements:




The Ad shows African man singing the winning song, dancing while losing.

Who does that?

Rich people coercing the masses into gambling to pay for their own social services and education, above and beyond what they already pay in taxes, that’s who’s really laughing, singing and dancing all the way to financial satisfaction. Something is upside down, inside out here. Those who make the most should pay the most, but it’s the other way around. 

Think how much money the state can bring in if all those slacker poor people and working poor and middle poor and upper poor pump their government checks back into the system. WHAT A COUP. Social Security checks too.

Yeah, but we’ve gotta be sure the kids of deadbeat Dads get their share of Dads winnings. Not a problem, we’ll confiscate the funds and distribute them to the Moms. They don’t do this for the Moms, you understand that, right? They do it so the Moms won’t require more funds from social programs due to no child support checks coming in. Lotteries and casinos in Ohio confiscate your winnings if you owe back child support. There must be a database of deadbeat Dads (who owe child support) and the lottery and casinos evidently have access to them.

Instead of waiting till they win to confiscate their money, they should ban all deadbeat Dads from casinos. How much did they lose before they got that big win? And how much more will they lose before they win again – all going to the casino owners and operators, the lottery overhead and the government.

A lot of these Moms with deadbeat husbands gamble too. Chances are they’ll put it right back into the system.

Gambling is a disease like alcohol, sex, drugs, tobacco for many people who indulge and then abuse the substances, behaviors. Most who have one addiction have others just as harmful. I’ve seen people quit everything but gambling. Gambling ruins lives, it doesn’t enrich or repair lives. So why don’t we make all the sick people pay for their own sickness and social programs? That’s a rich-collective way of thinking.

I often wondered why there aren’t more rehab clinics that are free to whoever wants the services. Because there’s big money in alcohol, sex, drugs, tobacco and gambling – anything addictive. They don’t want you to quit, they just want you to do it all responsibly and they even tell you that for liability purposes. Do this responsibly, do that responsibly and on and on. But telling you that in the small print of an Ad doesn’t have any effect. that’s why it’s presented after they hook you with the LURE. It’s impossible to do any of it responsibly, even if you’re not a full-blown addict. 

Who gets a cut in the distribution of those back child support funds? The government, the casino, the lottery, a bunch of other hidden people behind fines and one time charges? Everybody gets their cut of Mom’s due? Is that it? Why has no one asked that question in all the articles I read on it?

Dance the night away, laugh your silly heads off as the government takes your hard earned cash. Cash, yes. You can’t gamble on a credit card – cash paying customers only. Why can’t you gamble with your credit card if it’s so much fun and everybody wins – or at least that’s the optics of the commercial? Laugh, sing and dance and the boogey person may overlook you so you can finally win. Superstitions run high in the gambling world – above ground or underground. These commercials play on and into every one of them.

The commercials appear first thing in the morning, before six AM, then into the seven AM hour and on from there? I don’t know. I didn’t stick around long enough to keep watching. Oh, they’re getting them right after they get out of bed, when their defenses are at their lowest, they lure, then plug them into the idea of winning cash. And who doesn’t need cash?

Come play with me, dance with me, sing with me, where everyone wins. The lawyers think they’re covered; they’re not. People, all people, see “everybody” when they see “a whole lot of winning” that means copious cups running over with cash waiting for them to claim it. That’s the optics and the loopholes just stopped working.

It’s called “betting”, not “playing”. It’s called risk-taking with somebody else’s lives, not fun. The somebody else is always the victim in the family of an addicted person – addicted to anything harmful.

You can’t advertise alcohol or tobacco, drugs or sex on television. But you can advertise gambling with lots of fancy messaging that’s all false. You fall for it, then it’s your problem. If that really were the motivation for these advertisements – fall for it and it’s your problem – then Madison Avenue has just accepted responsibility for a family falling from financial freedom. Is gambling about freedom? When it’s such an addictive activity? Would you tell a heroin addict that? Do they advertise opioids on television?

No alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or sex for sale, but don’t worry about gambling?

No gambling advertisements on T.V.

Those morning advertisements were LURING ADS pulling all the right strings, pushing all the right buttons. Hey, even I thought maybe I should bet on some lucky? numbers today. It doesn’t take much with all that laughing and dancing and singing to make you feel pretty darned good about your addiction. Nah, not me. I’m only having fun. I’m going to win a bundle – better get all dressed up for the occasion, have a few pops that might loosen me up. That’s the problem you see, I wasn’t having enough fun gambling. I wasn’t laughing and singing and dancing.

Any place I’ve ever been where people play Keno, nobody was laughing. They’re looking down at their numbers shaking their heads, preoccupied with winning back what they already invested. Sounds like a STOCK MARKET for the poor.

No morning, afternoon or evening Ads for gambling.

Doesn’t society have enough problems without convincing people they’re really not gambling, but just having fun?

You decide.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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