Two teens, man charged in fatal shooting of Cleveland police officer, informant


Sharon’s View: Three teenagers, 15, 17, 18 years old (2 juveniles 1 adult). Approach two old guys (53 & 50 years old) sitting in a car “behind a mostly abandoned strip mall on West 67th Place near West 65th Street and Storer Avenue.”

To most teenagers, people in their fifties are old. Old white people are targets.

Two fiftyish aka old men. In an area that was protected from view. Probably gay they may have thought, given the circumstances, location and optics. Easy prey.

  • The fact of gender doesn’t matter. It matters if the shooters thought they were gay.

But to just open fire? If they thought they were gay, because they were sitting together behind abandoned buildings, then they must hate gay people – to take their lives so callously. Just open fire like that.

Maybe they knew Scott Dingess was an informant. His daughter says he wasn’t. Maybe they knew the car. And those inside the car. Maybe this wasn’t a negotiable hit.

Windows open?

Did all three have guns?

When are black African parents going to take the reigns and raise their own children? Someone who does what they did, without much thought, have been raised by the street, which means raised by the government.

So this is what happens when you give your kids to the government to raise.

Why do black African parents take care of themselves and let the government take care of their kids? Most white European parents go without, so their children can have more. I don’t see much of that in black communities. That’s why so many black children have voiced that they wish they had white parents. It’s not the opportunity; it’s the caring nature of the parents.

When is society going to demand more of black African parents? Teach their children some values, morals, responsibilities. A conscience? Do any of them have one? Can entire races of people be born absent a conscience?

Two people shot dead to make a statement about Black Lives Matter? What were they saying? We hate white people. We hate cops. We hate people who look like gays. We hate white dudes trying to hang with black dudes?

This is a hate crime.

Terrorists come in all ages.

If it was a robbery, what did they take? Why not scare two old men into giving up their wallets? They know how. But to kill them at close range, where they sat? They left the car too? They shot and ran?

What were the shooters doing behind the abandoned buildings?

Why meet where other people meet, if you’re undercover? Buying drugs? Somebody wasn’t buying them. But to murder them? Dingess had a drug history.

Three cop-killers. Black Lives Terrorists must be dancing in the streets.

This is a hate crime. Murder is Hate.



CLEVELAND, Ohio— Two boys and an 18-year-old man are charged in the fatal shooting of Cleveland police Det. James Skernivitz and a police informant.

Prosecutors filed charges against all three Tuesday, one in Cleveland Municipal Court and two in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. All three are between the ages of 15 and 18.

David McDaniel Jr., 18, is charged in Cleveland Municipal Court with two counts of aggravated murder. He will make his first court appearance Wednesday.

Two boys, ages 15 and 17, face charges of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery and felonious assault in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. The 17-year-old boy pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on Tuesday and a magistrate judge ordered him held in the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center while his case is pending.

The U.S. Marshals and officers with Cleveland police’s NICE unit arrested the 15-year-old boy about noon Tuesday at a gas station on Broadview Avenue and West 28th Street. He is expected to be arraigned on Wednesday.

McDaniel and the 17-year-old boy were arrested late Sunday. Investigators arrested three people — two juveniles and one adult– on Friday in connection with the shooting. Those three will not be charged in connection with the shooting, according to a statement from Cleveland police.

The charges filed on Tuesday give the first indication of what police believe is a possible motive, that the shooting is the result of a robbery. A detective wrote in court records that the trio shot and killed Skernivitz and Scott Dingess, 50, during an attempted robbery. The documents, however, do not say if any of the suspects took anything during the incident.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams issued a statement on Tuesday praising investigators work.

“I want to commend the investigators in this case who dedicated every waking moment to ensure that the individuals responsible for this terrible crime were properly identified and taken into custody,” Williams’ statement said.

FBI Special Agent In Charge Eric Smith said numerous tips to the FBI hotline helped investigators’ investigation. The FBI, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and U.S. Marshals helped Cleveland police in the investigation.

“These three individuals will be held accountable for their heinous actions,” Smith said.

The shooting happened about 10 p.m. Thursday on West 67th Place near West 65th Street and Storer Avenue.

Skernivitz was working undercover and investigating drug dealing in the area. He sat with Dingess in his unmarked car behind a mostly abandoned strip mall, according to law enforcement sources.

Three people walked up to his car opened fire, killing him and Dingess, identified by the sources as a police informant.

A bullet hit Skernivitz in the chest, and several shots hit Dingess, killing both, according to the sources. Skernivitz drove forward and crashed into a fence outside a school.

Surveillance video recorded the shooting, according to law enforcement sources.

All three have no felony records in Cuyahoga County. The 17-year-old boy pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in October 2019 and was sentenced probation through March 3. The 15-year-old boy was charged in 2018 with stunt riding on public roadways, but never showed up to court, according to juvenile court records. McDaniel has not been charged with any prior crime in juvenile or adult court.

Skernivitz was sworn in the day before the shooting to work with federal agents in the Northern Ohio Violent Crimes Task Force, according to FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson. That unit works with federal agents sent to Cleveland as part of Operation Legend, a federal initiative to combat crime in several cities experience an uptick in violence.

Skernivitz’s funeral is set for 10 a.m. Friday at The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist on Superior Avenue in downtown Cleveland.

Visitation will be held from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 10, at A. Ripepi & Sons Funeral Home on Bagley Road in Middleburg Heights.

Skernivitz, a 22-year police veteran, is survived by a wife and three children.


David McDaniels Jr., 18, is charged with aggravated murder in the fatal shooting of Cleveland police Det. James Skernivitz.


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Source: Two teens, man charged in fatal shooting of Cleveland police officer, informant –


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