Waiting To Start Tomorrow?

Do you have twenty years? Because that’s the going rate of procrastination. ‘It’s never too late’ was invented by procrastinators. I’ll be ready tomorrow? How will you prepare for that? Who cares? Probably the person who wants your job. They can have it? Fight for it.

PROCRASTINATION – to do or not to do

NO. I don’t. Have the time. To read. An entire book. On how to unlearn. A highly successful. Delaying. Tactic. Wow. PROCRASTINATION. You don’t have to stop procrastinating. You have to start doing. Make what you’re procrastinating interesting.  Break it down into smaller parts.  Take a leap or take a breath – either action willContinue reading “PROCRASTINATION – to do or not to do”


24 April 2019 STAIRWAY TO SUCESS – every journey has to start someplace A journey of 1,000 miles begins with 1 step. The day you decide to take that first step is your lucky day. The day that you take that first step is your double lucky day. Number crunchers who determine how long youContinue reading “STAIRWAY TO SUCCESS”


  18 April 2019 “MYOB M—– F—–“ Thank you very much sir or madam. I will do that. Do you see though where it is my business? AT THE WORK PLACE. It becomes my business when somebody insults my mother or all mothers for the entire building to hear. One person hearing that grotesque motherContinue reading “IT’S CONTAGIOUS”