Tomato Corn Stew


Lucky’s Market kept those vine-ripened tomatoes on sale longer than I expected. Of course we took advantage and stocked up once again. It’s been tomatoes with everything in our house – and it’s not even summer yet. When they’re sweet and juicy there’s no need to cook with them, but I did anyway – just because I felt like it. Today we’re combining fresh with canned. Why not? There’s no law against it. Well…not yet!

Makes 17 cups

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Asian Barbecue Bean Soup


Can a barbecue bean soup really be Asian? Tastes like Asian to me. Maybe it’s the sesame oil. Maybe it’s the fresh garlic and ginger. Maybe it’s the barbecue in the beans. Maybe it’s all the ingredients combined. Steve picked out the ingredients and I made the soup per his request. He ate a quart of it over toasted bagel croutons. Guess he liked it. I loved it. I had the last cup this morning for breakfast. That’s when I knew why he ate so much. I would have done the same if there had been more!

Makes 5 cups

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