One of my high school chums made a lot of money as a personal injury attorney. He was, so to speak, the Tim Misney of the Florida Keys. He told me once that a sign of a good agreement is when both sides say "ouch". In other words, no one gets everything they want. They … Continue reading OUCH


  18 April 2019 "MYOB M----- F-----" Thank you very much sir or madam. I will do that. Do you see though where it is my business? AT THE WORK PLACE. It becomes my business when somebody insults my mother or all mothers for the entire building to hear. One person hearing that grotesque mother … Continue reading IT’S CONTAGIOUS


STATE OF THE UNION 10 April 2019 Thank you very much for your vote of confidence. I asked for your vote and you gave it. Now I promise you to fight hard and long to get us what we deserve: to be treated fairly and justly and with all due respect, by our employer, Jack … Continue reading STATE OF THE UNION