Ohio’s casinos, racinos must shut down or keep customers, workers below a total of 100 

Updated Mar 13, 2020; Posted Mar 13, 2020   By Rich Exner, cleveland.com   CLEVELAND, Ohio – Ohio’s four casinos and seven racinos must shut down or keep the total number of people in the buildings, including employees, under 100, as part of the state’s effort to contain spread of coronavirus, the state ordered Friday.  Continue reading “Ohio’s casinos, racinos must shut down or keep customers, workers below a total of 100 “

Welcome Back Dan Gilbert from Local Union 141!

Quicken Loans founder Gilbert back to work after stroke FILE – In this Nov. 1, 2018 file photo, Cavaliers owner and Quicken Loans founder and Chairman Dan Gilbert speaks at a news conference announcing the 2022 NBA All -Star game, in Cleveland. Gilbert is slowly returning to work eight months after suffering a stroke. TheContinue reading “Welcome Back Dan Gilbert from Local Union 141!”

Removing Jack Cleveland Casino Images That May Be Subject To Copyright

After being told by SPFPA Union attorney Gregory Gordon to remove from this website any logos associated with said union under penalty of legal action, and since they appeared to be representing Jack Cleveland Casino, I decided that I should also replace any images of Jack Cleveland Casino that may be subject to copyright thatContinue reading “Removing Jack Cleveland Casino Images That May Be Subject To Copyright”


PART II THE CONTINUED and ONGOING INTIMIDATION TACTICS by SPFPA Union and SPFPA sympathizers will not deter me from completing my job to apprise all union members, and anyone else who shares an interest, in what actually transpired during negotiations for a new contract and how we were misrepresented by SPFPA International Union.  Although weContinue reading “2 – BEST OFFER AND LAST BEST OFFER”

1 – “There’s Good News And Bad News. Which Do You Want To Hear First?”

PART I That’s what the doctor asked in a phone call not too long ago. “Tell me the good news”, the optimist in me said. “You’ve got two days to live” said the doctor. “Jeeze, I said. “If that’s the good news, what’s the bad news?” “I was supposed to tell you yesterday”, replied theContinue reading “1 – “There’s Good News And Bad News. Which Do You Want To Hear First?””

Let’s Talk about The HUMAN SHIELD STATUS Of Security Officers

Safety Of Security Officers  Parting thoughts From The Wife We’re here to keep the peace, not to facilitate the fight. We’re here to keep people and property secure. This is an entertainment venue, where people come with expectations of leaving with more money in their hands than when they arrived. Nobody really thinks that losingContinue reading “Let’s Talk about The HUMAN SHIELD STATUS Of Security Officers”

Me and Garry Met Up With Mark Tricano For A Sit-Down

FIRST QUESTION: Thank you very much Mr. Tricano for your time. I know how busy you are. After a recent incident, one of our officers asked what is the casino doing, or has done, to ensure Team Members and patron safety? M.T. ANSWER: Great question and always appropriate. Considering the number of guests visiting ourContinue reading “Me and Garry Met Up With Mark Tricano For A Sit-Down”

Tomato Corn Stew

TOMATO CORN STEW Lucky’s Market kept those vine-ripened tomatoes on sale longer than I expected. Of course we took advantage and stocked up once again. It’s been tomatoes with everything in our house – and it’s not even summer yet. When they’re sweet and juicy there’s no need to cook with them, but I didContinue reading “Tomato Corn Stew”


25 April 2019 I took a management job in Honolulu, Hawaii from a big drug company out of Detroit a long time ago. I lived and worked right on Waikiki Beach. W-O-W !!!  By far the most beautiful place I had ever seen. For three years I never wore more than a long-sleeved shirt andContinue reading “THE ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM”