PROCRASTINATION – to do or not to do

NO. I don’t. Have the time. To read. An entire book. On how to unlearn. A highly successful. Delaying. Tactic. Wow. PROCRASTINATION. You don’t have to stop procrastinating. You have to start doing. Make what you’re procrastinating interesting.  Break it down into smaller parts.  Take a leap or take a breath – either action willContinue reading “PROCRASTINATION – to do or not to do”

REMEMBER When It Was Fun to come to work?

14 April 2019 After working security for the Indians and the Browns, when offered a full-time gig at Horseshoe in December of 2014 I have to admit I was pretty excited. My only question was,”WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?” This job, at this particular time in my life, is convenient, I enjoy it and I’mContinue reading “REMEMBER When It Was Fun to come to work?”