Alleged Embezzlement Of Union Funds in SPFPA? Convictions? More?

202 PAGES OF INVESTIGATIONS, (ALLEGED?) PROSECUTING AND/OR SENTENCING ACTIONS FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY by MEMBERS OF SPFPA INTERNATIONAL UNION AND/OR ITS AFFILIATES et al THIS LOG OF ALLEGED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF SPFPA UNION MEMBERS SHOULD STARTLE EVERYONE. Most of the alleged activity comes under the category of embezzlement of funds. My question, given this is allContinue reading “Alleged Embezzlement Of Union Funds in SPFPA? Convictions? More?”

Long History Of Corruption In David Hickey’s Union

David Hickey is the International president of SPFPA Related Categories:U.S. | Labor & WorkersFederal Documents Reveal SPFPA President David L. Hickey Attempted to Bribe Two Braidwoodby Braidwood Nuclear Officers Against CorruptionSaturday Mar 3rd, 2018 3:41 PMSPFPA President David L. Hickey FAILS to appear at an NLRB Hearing to testify on his behalf after 2 Exelon Braidwood NuclearContinue reading “Long History Of Corruption In David Hickey’s Union”