Gordon A. Gregory, General Counsel Issues “CEASE and DESIST” Warning To Davies-Tight and Threatens Legal Action

The Wife's Comment: It is my responsibility as the sole owner of this website, and the .com domain associated with it to keep the public as well as the security officers whom I hold in high regard informed of any threats made to the owner of this site, or the site itself, for the purpose … Continue reading Gordon A. Gregory, General Counsel Issues “CEASE and DESIST” Warning To Davies-Tight and Threatens Legal Action

MESSAGE SENT TO Sharon Davies-Tight aka The Wife from 313-131

At 1:54 p.m. today on Thursday 5 September 2019 I received a notice from SPFPA on my phone. Steve didn't receive the notice. It reads like this: Local 141 Brothers and Sisters, Due to the misinformation being disseminated by your former Local President, a special meeting is being held on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019. The … Continue reading MESSAGE SENT TO Sharon Davies-Tight aka The Wife from 313-131


I'm going to replace all SPFPA LOGOS with a family of elephants. There are more demands to come...stayed tuned. Update: All logos have been removed. References to SPFPA will not be removed, since it would amount to censorship for  prejudicial and nefarious purposes.

Long History Of Corruption In David Hickey’s Union

David Hickey is the International president of SPFPA Related Categories:U.S. | Labor & WorkersFederal Documents Reveal SPFPA President David L. Hickey Attempted to Bribe Two Braidwoodby Braidwood Nuclear Officers Against CorruptionSaturday Mar 3rd, 2018 3:41 PMSPFPA President David L. Hickey FAILS to appear at an NLRB Hearing to testify on his behalf after 2 Exelon Braidwood … Continue reading Long History Of Corruption In David Hickey’s Union

Let’s Talk about The HUMAN SHIELD STATUS Of Security Officers

Safety Of Security Officers  Parting thoughts From The Wife We’re here to keep the peace, not to facilitate the fight. We’re here to keep people and property secure. This is an entertainment venue, where people come with expectations of leaving with more money in their hands than when they arrived. Nobody really thinks that losing … Continue reading Let’s Talk about The HUMAN SHIELD STATUS Of Security Officers

Union President Davies Reluctantly Resigns

Dear Brothers & Sisters of Local Union 141: Like most of you I had never seen nor heard from any SPFPA union representative until a week ago yesterday when we began contract negotiations.  I just paid my dues and kept on trucking. Despite Mark Crawford's utter incompetence and willful disdain your committee was able to … Continue reading Union President Davies Reluctantly Resigns

JACK SECURITY PICNIC @ Edgewater Park August 2019

GRILLIN' @ Edgewater Park Jack Security Picnic BEYOND MEAT TASTE TEST. Results? Those who tasted liked it! Nice! A Relaxing Sunday @ Edgewater Park. Beautiful weather. Beautiful people.                

Buffalo Barbecue Veggie Bean Pot

BUFFALLO BARBECUE VEGGIE BEAN POT A pot of veggies and beans cooked in Buffalo Barbecue Marinade with thyme and garlic, topped with caramelized onion and roasted pepper with ginger sticks and fresh garlic; top that off with Roasted Buffalo Barbecue Tofu! Steve's lunch for a week with leftovers! Nice lunch!! Makes 7 medium servings Baked … Continue reading Buffalo Barbecue Veggie Bean Pot

Me and Garry Met Up With Mark Tricano For A Sit-Down

FIRST QUESTION: Thank you very much Mr. Tricano for your time. I know how busy you are. After a recent incident, one of our officers asked what is the casino doing, or has done, to ensure Team Members and patron safety? M.T. ANSWER: Great question and always appropriate. Considering the number of guests visiting our … Continue reading Me and Garry Met Up With Mark Tricano For A Sit-Down


Okay, so yesterday was National Donut Day Friday June 7th 2019. Someone in the office at Jack Cleveland Casino decided it would be a good idea to order some donuts for the staff and maybe a few distributed around the casino - during the day. That person ordered from a local company 400 donuts. Four … Continue reading THE DONUT BLUNDER

Free Energy Saving Kits

Steve found an offer for free energy saving kits online or in his email, so he sent away for one – all free, no postage required. It took a couple of weeks to receive, but was I ever impressed when it arrived. This was some good high end stuff, again, all free. About a year … Continue reading Free Energy Saving Kits

5 Things Rich People Avoid Doing


ALWAYS GRATEFUL never satisfied


that's YOU Be the strong link nobody has to worry about.4U not JACK.The Word Chef


We had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Quiet background music, take your time attitude, no eavesdroppers or rubberneckers hanging about, nobody shouting for attention, nobody there to stage an 'ism' or 'ist' attack. Just we 2. Perfect timing. Nice. Clean, professional, no deodorizers to cover up odors, beer and wine limited, but a high end … Continue reading BROWN SUGAR 4 2


For best results view FULL SCREEN with sound for 2.13 minute video. That's you. Rising to the top of your game. Through your own effort. YOU HAVE BEEN CARBONATED FOR SUCESS.


DON'T QUIT by John Greenfield Whittier When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you're trudging seems all up hill, When the funds are low and the debts are high And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must, … Continue reading DON’T QUIT


One of my high school chums made a lot of money as a personal injury attorney. He was, so to speak, the Tim Misney of the Florida Keys. He told me once that a sign of a good agreement is when both sides say "ouch". In other words, no one gets everything they want. They … Continue reading OUCH

Tomato Corn Stew

TOMATO CORN STEW Lucky's Market kept those vine-ripened tomatoes on sale longer than I expected. Of course we took advantage and stocked up once again. It's been tomatoes with everything in our house - and it's not even summer yet. When they're sweet and juicy there's no need to cook with them, but I did … Continue reading Tomato Corn Stew