Welcome Back Dan Gilbert from Local Union 141!

Quicken Loans founder Gilbert back to work after stroke

FILE – In this Nov. 1, 2018 file photo, Cavaliers owner and Quicken Loans founder and Chairman Dan Gilbert speaks at a news conference announcing the 2022 NBA All -Star game, in Cleveland. Gilbert is slowly returning to work eight months after suffering a stroke. The 58-year-old entrepreneur returned to his Detroit office early this year. In an interview with Crain’s Detroit Business, he said he spends one or two days a week in his office, using a wheelchair and accompanied by a service dog. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak, File)

DETROIT (AP) — Quicken Loans founder and Chairman Dan Gilbert is slowly returning to work eight months after suffering a stroke.

Gilbert, 58, returned to his Detroit office early this year. He’s there one or two days a week, using a wheelchair and accompanied by a service dog named Cowboy. He also spends three or four hours a day working with physical and occupational therapists at his home.

“When you have a stroke, here’s the problem with it: Everything is hard. Everything,” Gilbert told Crain’s Detroit Business in his first interview since the stroke. “Like you wake up, getting out of bed is hard, going to the bathroom is hard, sitting down eating at a table is hard. You name it. You don’t get a break. You’re like trapped in your own body.”

Gilbert is scheduled to give his first public speech since the May 25 stroke this Friday at the Crain’s Newsmakers of the Year luncheon in Detroit.

It’s a change of pace for the hard-charging executive, who also owns the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers and several other sports teams. Right before his stroke, Gilbert was texting Michigan’s governor about a deal to get long-term funding for road repairs.

Gilbert was hosting a party just before Memorial Day when his vision seemed suddenly blurry. His wife and a physician friend convinced him to go to the hospital after he started showing other signs of a stroke, including facial asymmetry, arm drift and speech difficulty.

Gilbert said he had a blood clot in his carotid artery that was cutting off the blood supply to his brain. Doctors implanted seven stents inside his carotid artery to open the blood vessel.

“If that artery was blocked more minutes than it was, it would have been much worse,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert spent eight weeks at a rehabilitation center in Chicago last summer. He is able to walk with a cane but still struggles to move his left arm.

Gilbert said his current priority is the construction of a skyscraper in downtown Detroit. His real estate company, Bedrock Detroit, broke ground on the building in 2017.





On Spectrum 1 Local Cleveland Morning News Advertisements:




The Ad shows African man singing the winning song, dancing while losing.

Who does that?

Rich people coercing the masses into gambling to pay for their own social services and education, above and beyond what they already pay in taxes, that’s who’s really laughing, singing and dancing all the way to financial satisfaction. Something is upside down, inside out here. Those who make the most should pay the most, but it’s the other way around. 

Think how much money the state can bring in if all those slacker poor people and working poor and middle poor and upper poor pump their government checks back into the system. WHAT A COUP. Social Security checks too.

Yeah, but we’ve gotta be sure the kids of deadbeat Dads get their share of Dads winnings. Not a problem, we’ll confiscate the funds and distribute them to the Moms. They don’t do this for the Moms, you understand that, right? They do it so the Moms won’t require more funds from social programs due to no child support checks coming in. Lotteries and casinos in Ohio confiscate your winnings if you owe back child support. There must be a database of deadbeat Dads (who owe child support) and the lottery and casinos evidently have access to them.

Instead of waiting till they win to confiscate their money, they should ban all deadbeat Dads from casinos. How much did they lose before they got that big win? And how much more will they lose before they win again – all going to the casino owners and operators, the lottery overhead and the government.

A lot of these Moms with deadbeat husbands gamble too. Chances are they’ll put it right back into the system.

Gambling is a disease like alcohol, sex, drugs, tobacco for many people who indulge and then abuse the substances, behaviors. Most who have one addiction have others just as harmful. I’ve seen people quit everything but gambling. Gambling ruins lives, it doesn’t enrich or repair lives. So why don’t we make all the sick people pay for their own sickness and social programs? That’s a rich-collective way of thinking.

I often wondered why there aren’t more rehab clinics that are free to whoever wants the services. Because there’s big money in alcohol, sex, drugs, tobacco and gambling – anything addictive. They don’t want you to quit, they just want you to do it all responsibly and they even tell you that for liability purposes. Do this responsibly, do that responsibly and on and on. But telling you that in the small print of an Ad doesn’t have any effect. That’s why it’s presented after they hook you with the LURE. It’s impossible to do any of it responsibly, even if you’re not a full-blown addict. 

Who gets a cut in the distribution of those back child support funds? The government, the casino, the lottery, a bunch of other hidden people behind fines and one time charges? Everybody gets their cut of Mom’s due? Is that it? Why has no one asked that question in all the articles I read on it?

Dance the night away, laugh your silly heads off as the government takes your hard earned cash. Cash, yes. You can’t gamble on a credit card – cash paying customers only. Why can’t you gamble with your credit card if it’s so much fun and everybody wins – or at least that’s the optics of the commercial? Laugh, sing and dance and the boogey person may overlook you so you can finally win. Superstitions run high in the gambling world – above ground or underground. These commercials play on and into every one of them.

The commercials appear first thing in the morning, before six AM, then into the seven AM hour and on from there? I don’t know. I didn’t stick around long enough to keep watching. Oh, they’re getting them right after they get out of bed, when their defenses are at their lowest, they lure, then plug them into the idea of winning cash. And who doesn’t need cash?

Come play with me, dance with me, sing with me, where everyone wins. The lawyers think they’re covered; they’re not. People, all people, see “everybody” when they see “a whole lot of winning” that means copious cups running over with cash waiting for them to claim it. That’s the optics and the loopholes just stopped working.

It’s called “betting”, not “playing”. It’s called risk-taking with somebody else’s lives, not fun. The somebody else is always the victim in the family of an addicted person – addicted to anything harmful.

You can’t advertise alcohol or tobacco, drugs or sex on television. But you can advertise gambling with lots of fancy messaging that’s all false. You fall for it, then it’s your problem. If that really were the motivation for these advertisements – fall for it and it’s your problem – then Madison Avenue has just accepted responsibility for a family falling from financial freedom. Is gambling about freedom? When it’s such an addictive activity? Would you tell a heroin addict that? Do they advertise opioids on television?

No alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or sex for sale, but don’t worry about gambling?

No gambling advertisements on T.V.

Those morning advertisements were LURING ADS pulling all the right strings, pushing all the right buttons. Hey, even I thought maybe I should bet on some lucky? numbers today. It doesn’t take much with all that laughing and dancing and singing to make you feel pretty darned good about your addiction. Nah, not me. I’m only having fun. I’m going to win a bundle – better get all dressed up for the occasion, have a few pops that might loosen me up. That’s the problem you see, I wasn’t having enough fun gambling. I wasn’t laughing and singing and dancing.

Any place I’ve ever been where people play Keno, nobody was laughing. They’re looking down at their numbers shaking their heads, preoccupied with winning back what they already invested. Sounds like a STOCK MARKET for the poor.

No morning, afternoon or evening Ads for gambling.

Doesn’t society have enough problems without convincing people they’re really not gambling, but just having fun?

You decide.

Want To Make 50 Dollars Free Cash?

Officer Steve as you know him, and I just cashed in.

That’s right, ANTHEM BLUE CROSS and BLUE SHIELD health insurance offers policyholders 50 dollars if they participate in a colorectal cancer screening program.

If you’re age appropriate, you qualify.

Your insurance pays for the test, then they send you a VISA gift card worth 50 dollars.

You do the test in your home. Poop in the toilet, dip a stick around the water in the toilet, then swab the water on a cardboard patch. Seal and send it to the lab in a postage paid envelope.

Then they send you the reward.

It’s a lot easier than a colonoscopy and can either save your life or give you peace of mind.

I think all insurance companies should offer the same incentive. Maybe they do.

But the insurance company you have if you work at Jack Cleveland Casino offers it. So why not take the cash?

We both passed – came back negative.

These 21 states are raising their minimum wage for 2020

Twenty-one states are increasing their minimum wage for the new year with workers from Arizona to Vermont set to see an increase.

As Keith Mestrich, CEO of Amalgamated Bank and a fan of the wage hike noted on Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM, “It’s going to be a really happy holiday for a lot of people around the country.”

Fourteen states have wage increases that are set to go into effect on Jan. 1 or Dec. 31.

Seven more states — Alaska, Florida, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, South Dakota, and Vermont — have automatic cost-of-living adjustments that will take effect on Jan. 1.

Three more states and the District of Columbia have wage increases scheduled to take effect over the course of 2020.

The federal minimum wage, by contrast, has been fixed at $7.25 an hour since 2009 and workers in 21 states remain at that minimum. Two states — Wyoming and Georgia — have a state minimum wage below the federal level, but workers there are entitled to the federal minimum wage unless their employer is not covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

A national debate over the minimum wage

Democrats passed a bill this summer in the House of Representatives to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. As expected, the bill has not been taken up the Senate.

Nevertheless, a variety of states have passed legislation to gradually raise their state minimum wages. Connecticut will reach a $15 minimum wage by 2023. A few areas, notably New York City and the District of Columbia, are set to have $15-an-hour minimum wages in 2020.

A New York Times analysis of the effective national minimum wage — an average across all federal, state and local minimum wage laws — found a rate of $11.80 an hour in 2019. According to the Times, “this is probably the highest minimum wage in American history,” adjusted for inflation.

The Democratic case to business leaders for higher minimum wages increases boils down to this: it’s not going to be as bad as you think. As Rep. Bobby Scott, who led the effort for the House bill, put it in an interview with Yahoo Finance’s Jessica Smith: “They’ll have to adjust, but they’re adjusting every year anyway.”

Bobby Scott, D-Va. and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. after a news conference on Capitol Hill.

A key argument against raising to $15 is that it hurts the very people it’s trying to help. The National Restaurant Association opposed the House bill and — like many business groups — says their industry knows that “the wage hike is a job killer in their communities.”

The Employment Policies Institute, a fiscally conservative group owned by a public relations specialist for the restaurant industry, adds that “the majority of empirical research shows that a higher minimum wage reduces employment for the least-skilled while having little to no effect on poverty rates.”

Another study by a left-leaning group found that “the weight of that evidence points to little or no employment response to modest increases in the minimum wage.”…

MORE: These 21 states are raising their minimum wage for 2020







No one could mistake who BIG DAN was rooting for on Thursday 14 November 2019.

Dan lit up the whole Casino when he showed up for work decked out from head to toe in a Cleveland Browns suit sporting a fabric with the Cleveland Browns helmet design all over it. Yes, a suit with lapels, brown tie and all.

Dan had WIN written all over him and wouldn’t you know it, the Cleveland Browns crushed the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-7.


Hey, don’t forget to wear that LUCKY SUIT next game!!


MGM Springfield property may be sold, leased back by casino giant 

Dan Gilbert isn’t the only one selling off properties.

Kelly |

SPRINGFIELD — As part of an “asset-light” strategy, MGM Resorts International is contemplating selling off MGM Springfield and other properties, while retaining control of the daily casino operations.

The plan is similar to the $4.25 billion sale and lease back of the famed Bellagio Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas strip, which was announced on Oct. 15.

MGM Chairman and CEO Jim Murren said in a conference call with investors on Oct. 30 that a similar real estate sale for the iconic MGM Grand in Las Vegas would probably be announced by year’s end, The Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported.

Likewise, deals involving MGM Springfield, and Las Vegas’ Aria and Vdara casinos are being contemplated using the Bellagio agreement as a blueprint, he said.

Murren plans to use the proceeds from the MGM Grand sale and other properties to reduce debt and invest in new growth opportunities, including a potential $10 billion casino in Japan and sports betting in the U.S.In a statement to The Republican, MGM Resorts International said it was “proud of our work in our Springfield community and is committed to building on our shared accomplishments. This partnership has resulted in thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of revenue in the area, and we look forward to expanding our engagement in the Commonwealth.”

“Previous financial transactions made by MGM, like last month’s announcement regarding Bellagio in Las Vegas, focus exclusively on the transfer of real estate and have no bearing whatsoever on the property’s management or operations. These transactions have no impact on employees, partners or the guest experience,” the statement concluded.

Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno noted that the city has a “very strong Host Community Agreement with MGM and we will certainly hold MGM to this legally binding agreement.”

“Part of this mandates the city and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission must approve any and all adjustments to said agreement,” Sarno said.MGM Resorts International and Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust formed a 95% / 5% BREIT-led joint venture to acquire the real estate assets of the Bellagio for $4.25 billion in a sale-leaseback transaction. As part of that deal, MGM Resorts signed a long-term agreement to lease the Bellagio from the joint venture and continue to manage, operate and be responsible for all aspects of the property on a day-to-day basis.

MGM Springfield opened in the city’s South End last year at a cost of nearly $1 billion.

The casino has not performed as well as initially expected.

Since its opening in late August 2018, MGM Springfield has brought in less than two thirds of the $418 million in gross gaming revenue MGM executives told the state the Springfield casino would see during its first year.

The casino’s gross gaming revenue was $273.8 million from its opening on Aug. 24, 2018 through the end of August 2019.

Source: MGM Springfield property may be sold, leased back by casino giant –


Alleged Embezzlement Of Union Funds in SPFPA? Convictions? More?



THIS LOG OF ALLEGED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF SPFPA UNION MEMBERS SHOULD STARTLE EVERYONE. Most of the alleged activity comes under the category of embezzlement of funds.

My question, given this is all true, is WHY? And how is this affecting current union members throughout the land of SPFPA? Has it even been addressed? Should it be?


Vici is Scooping up Two Jack Entertainment Properties For $843 Million

Vici Properties Shells Out $843.3 Million For Jack Cleveland, Thistledown Racino, JACK Entertainment Will Lease Back Properties

JACK Entertainment is monetizing a pair of Cleveland assets, announcing that it will sell the Jack Cleveland Casino and the Jack Thistledown Racino to Vici Properties (NYSE:VICI) for $843.3 million in cash.

Vici Properties is paying $843.3 million for the Jack Cleveland Casino and the Jack Thistledown Racino. JACK Entertainment will lease back those venues. (Image:

Privately held JACK Entertainment, which is controlled by billionaire Cleveland Cavaliers Dan Gilbert, will lease back those properties from Vici.

Related to the transactions, JACK is signing a 15-year lease agreement with Vici at an initial annual rate of $65.9 million. The entertainment company will have four five-year renewal options following the expiration of the 15-year term.

Ohio continues to be one of the healthiest and fastest-growing regional gaming markets, and we are thrilled to add high-quality, urban real estate to our portfolio at an attractive capitalization rate,” said Vici President and COO John Payne in a statement.

The transactions are expected to close early next year.

Not The First Time

Before news of the Jack Cleveland Casino and the Jack Thistledown Racino sales was announced Monday, the entertainment and real estate companies had an established relationship, one that has been active in 2019.

Last month, Jack finalized the sale of the property assets of Jack Casino Cincinnati to Vici in a transaction valued at $745 million. Hard Rock International is managing the gaming area there.

Earlier this year, Jack sold Detroit’s Greektown Casino-Hotel to Penn National Gaming and Vici in a deal worth $1 billion. Penn National paid $300 million for the casino, while Vici doled out $700 million for the real estate assets.

The Jack Cleveland Casino may have been compelling for Vici because that property is connected to the Renaissance and Ritz Carlton hotels in downtown Cleveland. The venue has 96,000 square feet of gaming space, 1,300 slot machines, and 120 table games.

JACK Thistledown Racino, located in the Cleveland suburb of North Randall, sits on almost 130 acres, with 57,000 square feet of gaming space and 1,459 gaming machines.

Busy Year For ViciVici, the real estate investment trust (REIT) spun off from Caesars Entertainment in 2017, has been on a shopping spree this year.

In June, the REIT partnered with Century Casinos to purchase the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in West Virginia, and the Isle Casino Cape Girardeau and Lady Luck Casino in Missouri from Eldorado Resorts for $385 million. Vici’s part of that deal was $278 million for the property assets of those gaming venues.

A week later, when Eldorado announced a $17.3 billion takeover offer for Caesars, it was revealed that Vici would pay $3.2 billion to acquire the real estate assets of Harrah’s New Orleans, Harrah’s Laughlin, and Harrah’s Atlantic City.

As part of that agreement, Eldorado can also sell Harrah’s Hoosier Park and Indiana Grand to Vici at a later date. Vici also gained rights of first refusal to potentially engage in a purchase of or sale-leaseback deals on the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore and up to two Caesars’ assets on the Las Vegas Strip…

Source: Vici is Scooping up Two Jack Entertainment Properties For $843 Million





Once upon a short time ago, the management at Jack Casino instructed the Security Officers that they could play music from their cell phones at Podium 5 – the only podium at the casino where silence reigned.

Maybe somebody connected to the betterment of Jack Casino noticed the deafening sound of silence when walking about the casino and happening upon Podium 5. Whatever the reason, the Security Officers assigned to that Podium liked the idea of playing hand-selected tunes from their phones while carrying out their duties to serve and protect.

They could play it on speaker phone so the patrons could hear it too. Of course it was understood that a certain amount of decorum was expected. I mean this is, after all, a work place where others are hearing what is played, and why would any officer or person in any work place choose to satisfy their own music tastes, while offending the ears of others?

JACK CASINO isn’t a nightclub. But even in a nightclub, workers are not allowed to play their own music. It’s a privilege if they are allowed.

In the instance of JACK CASINO it means that JACK trusts the Security Officers with its customers.

Well lo and behold as all stories are told, a villain emerges from the Wild West to ruin the show on the no-holds-barred night shift at JACK CASINO.

All it takes is one, not a hundred and one to change the way things get done.

For those people who doubt that one person can change the world? Oh yes they can. In this instance – in a JACK CASINO heart beat.

One person apparently decided it was their right, based on permission by a management personnel directive, to abuse the privilege and recklessly blare out rap-type-racist-rant-type songs to all who approached and walked through Podium 5.

Well as the music told it, it didn’t take long to shut that rap hell down. And that was the end of Security Officer hand-selected music at Podium 5.

All that remains from that horrible night is the deafening sound of silence as patrons approach and walk through the gates of an experiment gone bad at the only podium in the casino that was in a music-free zone.

Although the other Security Officers weren’t at Podium 5 on that fateful night, they all feel the absence of joy and the vacancy of silence as they reach for their cell phones to fill the void, then stop themselves. It’s no longer allowed.

The privilege was abused and now they all suffer, because of one Security Officer gone rogue.

It takes only one, not a hundred and one.

For anyone who doubts that one person can change the world. Yes they can. Either for the better or the worse.

Podium 5 has memories now.

Can the privilege ever be restored?

Management can’t be distracted by having to check on everybody’s music – every song – at Podium Five on everybody’s shift 24/7. They trusted the Security Officers to respect the customers and one Security Officer did not.

One Security Officer fell from trust. That means all the Security Officers fell from trust. The punishment meted out proved that they all fell from trust.

One for all, all for one. That’s the motto.

The one Security Officer who is responsible for all the other Security Officers losing the Privilege at Podium Five should be held accountable by the other Security Officers.

Find a way to demonstrate to management:

Responsibility Reigns.

Rogue does not Reign.

Not here.



  • If you want respect, then you must respect others. That’s your job.
  • Your job isn’t to incite violence at the workplace through music.
  • If anybody thinks that’s their responsibility as a Security Officer, then they need to find another line of work.


An Irish Pub And Restaurant

FUN is what it was. We’ve seen this restaurant while passing by, it seems forever, but never got there till now.

I went because I found out that a couple of people I know just happened to work there – unbeknownst to me till they told me. So of course I had to do my restaurant review in pictures – I only do the animal-free dishes, though. What Steve had, well, stays there.

I only post if I like it. If I don’t, nobody knows I was there. It’s not worth my effort. I show what’s good, not what’s bad. Let other people do that.



Yup. He’s wearing his lucky BROWNS WIN socks and colors. And has his Fruit and Nut Chocolate MuffCakes ready to devour after the SMOKED RICOTTA AND GOUDA SPREAD and VEGGIE DOGS AND LIBATIONS!! ANIMAL-FREE of course. So-o-o good.



Removing Jack Cleveland Casino Images That May Be Subject To Copyright

After being told by SPFPA Union attorney Gregory Gordon to remove from this website any logos associated with said union under penalty of legal action, and since they appeared to be representing Jack Cleveland Casino, I decided that I should also replace any images of Jack Cleveland Casino that may be subject to copyright that were obtained through Google searches for free images of Jack Cleveland Casino when I first set up this website. Those pictures, whoever took them, made JACK look really good. Spectacular in fact.

JACK still looks good, just not as spectacular as the images I located on Google made Jack out to look. Night time with lights always produces a better image, when neon-type effects are in play, especially when one has super-duper cameras, which I don’t. I’ll miss those spectacular images that lit up the cold night sky, since I feel they mirrored the inside of the casino more than the actual pictures outside the casino mirrored the inside.

They will be taken down as I get the time to do it. In the meanwhile, I provided pictures taken at my request by a trusted friend with one of my cameras. Here they are.

Compared to the spectacular images of Jack Cleveland Casino I found on ‘free Google images’, this was viewed by me as looking slum-like. In comparison. On closer inspection, yes it is an old building, but it still has it’s old class. And for an old building it looks clean. On the outside.
A closer view shows the sidewalks are well-groomed. Not like the Team Dining Room inside. Why do people keep changing names of everything? It’s an employee dining room, which means dining, which should mean fine. Management companies put the word team in there to make it sound like it’s a team effort. No. It isn’t. The employees are not supposed to clean the dining room. Cleaning staff is supposed to do that.
A tree makes the building behind it seem alive. My grandmother told me once when showing me her African violets that she grew indoors, that every house should have something living in it. Those plants as delicate and beautiful as they were brought her joy and comfort – probably because they responded to her nurturing efforts.
Now I see some grace here. In the gray cobblestone. I like that. A lot. Where are the horses?
HIGBEE. Don’t worry I won’t let you become a slum building.
That gray cobblestone obviously doesn’t last forever. Where did it go? “The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be”. You sure about that? An old song from my parent’s day or maybe grandparent’s day.
I always loved chandeliers – even as a kid, when I saw them in movies. How can one love an inanimate object? What? They’re not alive?


Make a veggie dog healthy by putting it in a cradle of lettuce on a bun with mustard, relish, veg parmesan, sweet red pepper and onion! Ouch!

Where does that come from? Hot meals for lunch. I brown-bagged it and didn’t complain. I didn’t have piled high roast beef sandwiches like some of the other kids, but I ate and liked what I had. Maybe it’s a throw back to the old days when the main meal was served at noon. I don’t know, but it isn’t the old days any more. It’s now.

Lots of kids would stand in line for that hot meal.

Later, much later, I discovered it was mostly rich people’s kids and kids who wouldn’t get a hot meal at home for supper.

The rich paid the poor so little, that they worked out a way for the government to subsidize hot school lunches for the poor kids plus of course the same lunches at the same meager prices were available to all, which meant for rich kids too.

So in effect the rich people got three benefits: cheap high quality lunches for their lower class underpaid workers throughout the land, cheap lunches for their own kids throughout the land, and no reason to up the below subsistence wages, since they all got the ‘hot lunch meal’ benefit in lieu of raises.

Let’s face it, they got a lot of other little benefits just so the rich companies, corporations, enterprises wouldn’t have to raise their wages. The government took care of it. But who actually paid for those subsidized ‘hot meals’ throughout the land, that allowed rich people to get away with paying below subsistence wages?

The lower and middle-lower and middle classes primarily – that’s where the volume in numbers comes into play. Less from a lot of people is better to them than a lot from fewer people, which would then include them. The rich fight fast, hard and devious to keep their money. It makes one wonder about the cloth being pulled over everybody’s eyes by all the rich lawmakers and breakers in congress at constant war with each other. Over what? What are they fighting over?

There is not one person or group or party that goes beyond the extreme bare minimum, if anything at all, for the greater part of the nations populace. It’s all about the rich warring against the rich. They fight right out in the open with always as a backdrop the so-called needs and desires of that populace that they all seem to know so well – that high volume of numbers of people that keeps everybody awake at night, because the fewer at the top have stripped them bare and how can they take even more and give back even less, unless they find a way to change the people’s minds about their status.

It’s cool to be in debt, as long as we can keep charging you those late fees and high interest rates, because we really do want you to be late with your payment and to default on your loans, because we already got a bundle from you and we’ll make even more in the continual write-offs. Plus we ruin your credit forever, constantly reselling the debt, so everybody gets a piece of you, which means the collectors are after you for life and any credit you get in the future will be at sky high interest and penalty rates.

By their actions they tell you it’s cool and desirable to be indebted to them forever, but then they treat you like a piece of garbage not worthy to sit at their lunch table. Make no mistake about it, you’re the slave and they found a way to master you.

One might think that a cash-making machine like a casino that pays many of it’s employees low enough wages to keep them on public assistance, and that number is higher than the general public might think, would at least provide each employee with one free hot or cold meal per shift.

We’re not talking subsidized by the government here. Subsidized by the casino. Why on this green earth not?

This is what you get now: Free bottled water, free milk, chocolate milk, hot cocoa, free fountain soda, free coffee and tea, free orange juice, apple juice and cranberry juice. Of course the companies that sell this stuff get their advertising machines in place to remind people when outside work to buy their product. Using the dairy industry to provide the free products means the casino is paying a very low price for that continual indoctrination to and dependence on the cow’s milk, rather than providing adult food to sustain them.

Cheap is what it all is – for the casinos and the government that uses the same products. That’s okay. Nothing is wrong with cheap. But one must wonder why poor kids need a subsidized free hot meal for lunch, but adults working at below subsistence wages don’t. There’s a disconnect here. We give the poor kids an adult lunch, and give the poor adults a kids lunch – free milk, soda and coffee should do ya for eight hours work just in case you can’t afford to buy or brown-bag your lunch.

It’s not unlike giving healthcare to kids and no care to adults who care for them. You need healthy adults to raise healthy children.

That’s how rich people placate poor people. They give you something for free that’s practically free to them so you won’t squawk. Then they play it up like they gave you the moon, when all it amounted to was you paying for somebody else’s advertising campaign by consuming the product.

Then they hire management companies that promise to make them even more money by stiffing the employees that make them rich in the first place.

Fair? I ask YOU?

No it’s not fair, but nothing is fair.

Well, something or somebody must be treating all those rich people fairly fair for them to have so much more than everybody else.

Isn’t it strange that it’s usually poor people who get the ‘life’s not fair’ lecture when rich people through their conglomerates take advantage of them?

Free. All you can drink sugary soda and high carb juice drinks, caffeinated drinks, and milk (the allergen drink) is a kick in the can.

A healthy employee is a happy, productive employee.

Why fill them with sugar, simple carbs, caffeine, and milk allergens? To keep them Jacked while working for JACK? Those management companies don’t care what happens to the productivity rate and happy meters of those employees when they crash at home after work or at their second job.

Healthy meals with lots of plant-based options cooked to brag over. That’s what’s needed. Or cold options to brag over.

Not with a little milk, eggs and cheese along with veggies to satisfy the dairy industry. Most people are allergic even if they don’t know it. The whole world knows it; that’s why it’s put on every label of every product that contains it as a warning. So why satisfy the dairy and poultry industry at the expense of employee health and well-being? Money? Kickbacks?

No animal products in half your offerings. It doesn’t have to be all healthy all the time. Sometimes nutrient-dense becomes too nutrient-dense for enjoyability. It’s okay to put some soda in your salad dressing to make it pop or brown sugar in your barbecue sauce. Mashed potatoes can be made without milk. Gravies and sauce can be made without milk. Cakes can be made without eggs. Why put milk in bread? Who needs it?

Plant dairy products and plant meat products are available everywhere – especially for use by the food service industries. They all have taken note and are making changes. Where is JACK CASINO on this? Where does JACK CASINO stand? Who started putting dairy and eggs into everything they made in the first place? And why?

Management companies that manage various departments of rich people’s companies, corporations and enterprises are ruining the workplace. They’re becoming employee abusers by the methods they use to make their rich clients even richer by squeezing more out of each employee while giving them less of everything. There’s an element of sweat shop to their methods. They pinch pennies where they ought not be pinched.

If you cannot exert integrity at the workplace and still make money, then you shouldn’t be trusted with the livelihood of the employees who work to keep you rich. They certainly don’t work for you to make themselves rich.




WHY? The trash receptacles look the same along Cleveland’s city streets – overflowing with trash. It’s not that people don’t want to use the designated trash receptacles, it’s that the city management team doesn’t want to collect the trash.

Living on the Edge of Cleveland and Lakewood, one sees the startling difference in the way both communities handle their trash. It’s a priority for Lakewood, especially living beside Lake Erie, where rats abound.

Lakewood residents want clean city streets and sidewalks. Judging by the overflowing trash receptacles all over Cleveland, it appears that Cleveland residents want clean city streets too. But the current mayor of Cleveland doesn’t seem to care. Neither does Jack Cleveland Casino seem to care.

How much does an hourly cleaning employee make? More than a Security Officer? Less? And this is what they get paid not to do? Pick up the trash?

The employee dining room services a lot of people. Do the math. Collect the trash when it’s anticipated to be full. The management team wants to cut costs, so they make Jack Cleveland Casino look like a slum. That is unacceptable.

The employees obviously want to dispose of their trash in designated areas, and obviously do, so to the management personnel in charge of cutting costs that result in slumming conditions, may I make a suggestion to collect the trash on a more reasonable and efficient time table. In other words, don’t wait until it’s overflowing.

Study it. Make a collection schedule.

Do they wash the insides of those cabinets each time they empty the trash? Sweet soda and gooey food spills over the walls are bait for unwanted cockroaches that spread diseases. Wash them down each time that trash gets emptied is the way it should be done.

Go ahead, keep treating this beautiful building like a slum and before you know it, it becomes one. And that takes a lot of money and resources to clean up.


Does Dan Gilbert know his management team is turning his casino into a slum building right in the heart of downtown at the prestigious Tower City?

He will now.

Watch out for those rats; they are everywhere. Clever dudes. They spread disease too. All it takes is one rat to take the red carpet tour and scare everybody out of the casino. Better to clean the mess now, before that happens.

What the casino guests can’t see behind the scenes MATTERS. The cleanliness of the rest rooms, the kitchens, the employee dining room, the offices, ALL MATTER.

A person who cleans the front end and leaves the back end dirty because it’s out of sight is not an employee I want on my team.

A team member whose plan it is to clean the front and leave the back dirty to save a few pennies is not a planner I want on my team.

It’s a total package. We need to be proud to show all of it, not just what customers are allowed to see.

Jack Cleveland Casino makes too much money to be operating like a slum. Somebody is making those decisions that are detrimental to JACK’S reputation.

It is not the Security Officers responsibility to clean the dining room where they eat. That’s on the cleaning crew and those who manage the cleaning crew. How many cockroaches are hiding behind the backs of those booths?

Where’s the PRIDE?

The Higbee History continues. Where will it end up?





(October 1, 2019)


Five years ago today, Mark Crawford negotiated the second worst contract ever.

Everyone who can read, write and chew gum agrees that it was a terrible, terrible deal for Jack Security Officers.

But he outdid himself in ineptitude with the current 5-year renewal.  

He did not improve his original debacle by one iota.

And he single-handedly kept our rate increase to the minimum by throwing every single one of us under the bus.

As SPFPA UNION President David Hickey said to me, “If your officers think they should be payed $17 an hour like the janitor down the street, tell them to go apply for that janitor job”. 

Security Officer Rodney Morrow was the very first hire in our Security Department. He came on board before we opened on March 19th, 2012.

He has served and protected for 7 and 1/2 years.  He deserves better.  Even the guy who was hired yesterday deserves better.


For the five years that Rodney has served as an SPFPA union member, he has payed 150 hours in union dues.

That is 18.75 days of pay that Rodney was forced to give to Mark Crawford, David Hickey and the others at SPFPA.

And what did he get in return? I would venture to guess nothing. Oh, except for that frozen bird that I told you about earlier.




On election day Mark and David told us that the Local has about $20,000 in its account. 

I know that I did not spend even one penny of local money during the time I was president of Local Union 141. I can’t vouch for my predecessors. 

But the fact is, by Mark’s and David’s own admission, Local 141 has twenty thousand dollars.

That money should be returned to those officers who paid for services that they did not receive. Fair is fair. 

Otherwise why would the CRAWFORD-HICKEY TEAM tell the security officers when they came in to vote on the contract that they had $20,000.00? They weren’t trying to influence the vote were they? “Maybe yes, maybe no?”.

SO, by my rough calculations there are currently: 

10 officers who have payed dues for five full years,

 3 officers who have payed dues for four full years,

 1 officer who has payed dues for three full years,

 4 officers who have payed dues for two full years,

21 officers who have payed dues for one full year

about 6 officers who are off probation and less than one full year. 

We leave $5,000 in the account for a rainy day.

Then we divide $15,000 by 97  ‘units’  which equals 154.64 per unit

a full five year guy or gal gets  5 x 154.64  or 773.20           10 x 773.20 =  7,732 .00 

a full four year guy or gal gets 4 x 154.64  or 618.56             3 x 618.56 =  1,945.68

a full three year guy or gal gets 3x 154.64 or 463.92             1 x 463.92 =  463.92

a full two year guy or gal gets 2 x  154.64 or 309.28             4 x 309.28 =  1,237,12

a full one year guy or gal gets 1 x  154.64 or 154.64             21 x 154.64 = 3,247.44

an off probation newbie gets 1/2 x  154.64 or  77.32              6 x 77.32  =  463.92

TOTAL  =  $15, 090.08     


THAT $20,000 BELONGS TO OUR LOCAL UNION. David and Mark already divvied up the lion’s share and did with it what they do with it.

This is OUR money, YOUR money. You didn’t get what you payed for, this is a partial refund so to speak. They aren’t GIVING us anything.

NOW, that addresses the past. But we must also address the FUTURE.  

1 – No more neglect. 

2 – No more taxation without representation. 

3 – No more treating us with disrespect.  Oh, and don’t disrespect the janitor down the street either. He|she is somebody’s father | mother.

4 – Either treat us like the equal partner that we are or withdraw right now.  


WE WANT the Union Vice President to meet with all of our members on an annual, all-day event at the Casino or other location, so all members can participate.

WE WANT your hand-picked emissary to meet with us on a quarterly basis to address any and all issues.

WE WANT a newsletter and/or a main website that actually serves a useful purpose. The existing website for International SPFPA is an embarrassment.

WE WANT a direct ‘hot-line’ that can be accessed 24-7.

WE WANT honesty and accountability.  No more “maybe yes, maybe no” answers to our inquiries. If you don’t know the answer, then find out. 

WE WANT SPFPA to act like a real union. 

REMEMBER, it’s the union members who pay your salaries.


Officer Stephen Davies


As I said in an earlier document,

Like all successful businesses Jack Cleveland Casino strictly controls costs. Waste not, want not. Especially labor costs. And most of all, overtime. In almost five years I have never been payed a penny more than I was owed. And that’s how it should be.

Likewise, although I wear two hats, Jack and SPFPA, I have never confused the two. Jack is Jack and Union is Union. When I go to a disciplinary hearing or when an employee is exercising their Weingarten Rights, I always clock out. I never do union business on Jack’s dime. I wouldn’t think of it. Nor would Jack tolerate it.

Therefore, you can appreciate how flabbergasted I was when Mark Crawford doing his best impersonation of a Public Square panhandler, hat in hand, begged the Jack negotiating committee to pay the approximately $1,200.00 in time loss that was owed to the four Jack Security Officers who attended the four days of negotiations. And even more flabbergasted when without batting an eye the Jack spokesperson agreed.

I mean that doesn’t even pass the sniff test. There is something definitely rotten in Denmark. Who would even muster up the nerve to ask such an outrageous question? Lets just say for the the sake of the argument that I told Jack Casino that I had to go to Detroit for a week on Union Business. Oh, and by the way, I also expect Jack to pay my way and compensate me at my going rate of pay for time missed from work. Forget how horrible the optics, it reeks of quid pro quo. 

A guy who for four days does nothing to benefit our local union, who for four days actually undermines said union and said local president, now has the unmitigated gall to add insult to injury by saving $1,200 to blow at this years SPFPA convention in Disney World. That’s what flabbergasted means. Blown away. And even more flabbergasted, when without batting an eye the Jack spokesperson caved, succumbed, lost their verve, almost like a hypnotic spell, a snap of the fingers without any thought and Mark Crawford was in.

Begging (also panhandling or mendicancy) is the practice of imploring others to grant a favor, often a gift of money, with little or no expectation of reciprocation. A person doing such is called a beggar, panhandler, or mendicant.”


One could say that Mark Crawford, upon begging Jack to absorb the time loss wage costs for the four union members to attend the negotiations, did so with the understanding that he would not return the favor. That’s the nature of begging. The beggar doesn’t pay you back.

On the other hand, Jack Casino has a history of never overpaying anybody – not one penny. So for Jack to simply hand over without any discussion or other compensation, to Mark Crawford, $1,200.00 as a gift during contract negotiations is unrealistic and naive. Of course Jack got something for it. 

Dan Gilbert is not in the pan handling business, otherwise he wouldn’t be a billionaire. The question is what did Jack get? 

The BEGGAR-PANHANDLER STRATEGY is used by one party to ask and receive without appearing to receive or give benefit in return. That strategy failed, because Jack was not in a good Samaritan position. Jack Cleveland Casino is not a non-profit charitable organization. So the panhandler paid something, even if he didn’t want to give the appearance of paying, but not out of the pockets of the panhandlers. They paid out of the Local Union 141 member’s pockets.

This is what happened: In my opinion of course.

The Hickey-Crawford team promised to get Officer Steve Davies to accept the first offer (it’s called the BEST OFFER) Jack made for wage rates in exchange for the $1,200.00 that HICKEY-CRAWFORD was obligated to pay the union members.

The LAST BEST OFFER never happened. Further, private union discussion over the first BEST OFFER never happened. The offer was given by Jack and then Hickey-Crawford proceeded to make sure that Officer Steve Davies was neutralized in any attempt to pursue a LAST BEST OFFER – by using threats of bodily harm to him and his family, which prompted Officer Davies to immediately resign his post.

Do I think Jack asked the Hickey-Crawford team for that concession?

No. I think the Hickey-Crawford team offered to make the exchange in such a way that Jack wasn’t even aware of what was actually being manipulated, then acted like it was an open begging situation when everyone was present, rather than a part of the negotiation.

David Hickey is a professional magician, so he knows what the slight of hand means, and knows how to trick people into believing a lie. Magic is a lie. It’s a manipulation using distraction as a strategy to make someone believe the lie. David Hickey is a long-time professional magician turned UNION BOSS.

David Hickey aka David Devin aka SPFPA UNION PRESIDENT

by Officer Steve Davies



THE CONTINUED and ONGOING INTIMIDATION TACTICS by SPFPA Union and SPFPA sympathizers will not deter me from completing my job to apprise all union members, and anyone else who shares an interest, in what actually transpired during negotiations for a new contract and how we were misrepresented by SPFPA International Union. 

Although we were issued a ‘gag order’ before and during negotiations, which I personally adhered to, the negotiations were not intended to be kept secret from the members after they were over, at least that was not my intention. And Jack Cleveland Casino did not make that request. 

It appears that the SPFPA folks are the ones who want to now silence the proceedings through ongoing intimidation tactics. Secret negotiations always imply possible corruption, thus transparency is always the best policy.

Before I go any further I want to be perfectly clear on two things:

First: This is not personal for me. It is business.

Yes, I take it personally when I am and/or my family is threatened on behalf of any union for any reason, but my intention to decertify SPFPA and align with a more reputable union is directly related to their demonstrated ineffectiveness and strategies malaligned with the core values of integrity, trust and respect. 

No one from any union other than SPFPA has made threats to me or to my family except International SPFPA Union of America, via their attorneys, president David Hickey and anonymous SPFPA sympathizers. The red flags regarding SPFPA came directly from SPFPA.

Everyone knows me to be a hard-working man who takes care of his family. I give an honest day’s work and expect an honest day’s pay. I don’t expect any handouts. I seek no favors. I pay 2 & 1/2 hours pay every month to belong to SPFPA. I expect services for that. As a consumer I feel cheated. I am not getting my money’s worth. Nor are any of our members getting their moneys worth.  

Second: I have no outstanding issues with Jack Cleveland Casino regarding the negotiations. I love my job. Jack has always done right by me. I knew when I signed up what I was getting, and they delivered. Their 5-person negotiating team was professional, courteous and straight forward. If I am not happy I can leave. No hard feelings. 

Bottom line: Due to the lack luster performance and threatening nature that I witnessed as the foundation of the SPFPA  business model I seek to take my business elsewhere. There should be no hard feelings. Certainly not threats, veiled threats, or intimidation, legal or otherwise.

Now, having cleared that air, it’s back to Friday, August 30th, 2019, 2:00 p.m. 

Mark is anxious. He had to check out of his hotel, collect his wife and beat the rush hour weekend traffic out of Dodge. 

He clearly states that this is the best we are going to get and that if we don’t accept it we are in some jeopardy. He had previously distinguished “best offer” from “last best offer”. 

The difference according to Mark was that “best offer” had wiggle room and could be negotiated. “Last best offer” was final, and if we turned that down there would be jeopardy. Jack could withdraw the offer and give us less, hell, they could even bus in security guards from Detroit.

Having that ace in the whole so to speak of “best offer”, we agreed to take this proposal to our members for ratification.  It was their ‘best offer”, it was not their “last best offer”, which gave us some wiggle room to negotiate for more. There can be no mistake about that. BEST. NOT LAST BEST. 

Three times Mark Crawford said to me: “There is a substantive, significant, all-important distinction between BEST OFFER and LAST BEST OFFER. The former has wiggle room the latter is the end of the line.So when Jack presented their counter-proposal to our fist proposal for wage rate, and it was obvious that I wasn’t thrilled, Mark asked if I wanted to ask for their BEST OFFER, I was emphatic. “Yes”, I said, “but do not ask for their “LAST BEST OFFER”. Instead of breaking, he immediately chirped, “Is that your best offer?” The lawyer immediately chirped back, “yes”.

So when I agreed to take this offer to our members, it was with the understanding that we could come back for more discussion. There was still a chance for a LAST BEST OFFER. Or so I was led to believe.

Essentially, our own union didn’t allow us to make a counter offer to Jack’s BEST OFFER. That’s not how negotiations are supposed to work.

I was in for one more surprise before we left.  I had  SPFPA time loss forms already filled out and given to Mark, so that our officers could be payed by the Union in a timely manner for work that they were doing for the Union, approximately $1,200.00.

Like all successful businesses Jack Cleveland Casino strictly controls costs. Waste not, want not. Especially labor costs. And most of all, overtime. In almost five years I have never been payed a penny more than I was owed. And that’s how it should be.

Likewise, although I wear two hats, Jack and SPFPA, I have never confused the two. Jack is Jack and Union is Union. When I go to a disciplinary hearing or when an employee is exercising their Weingarten Rights, I always clock out. I never do union business on Jack’s dime. I wouldn’t think of it. Nor would Jack tolerate it.

Therefore, you can appreciate how flabbergasted I was when Mark Crawford doing his best impersonation of a Public Square panhandler, hat in hand, begged the Jack negotiating committee to pay the approximately $1,200.00 in time loss that was owed to the four Jack Security Officers who attended the four days of negotiations. And even more flabbergasted when without batting an eye the Jack spokesperson agreed.

I mean that doesn’t even pass the sniff test. There is something definitely rotten in Denmark. Who would even muster up the nerve to ask such an outrageous question? Lets just say for the the sake of the argument that I told Jack Casino that I had to go to Detroit for a week on Union Business. Oh, and by the way, I also expect Jack to pay my way and compensate me at my going rate of pay for time missed from work. Forget how horrible the optics, it reeks of quid pro quo.

A guy who for four days does nothing to benefit our local union, who for four days actually undermines said union and said local president, now has the unmitigated gall to add insult to injury by saving $1,200 to blow at this years SPFPA convention in Disney World. That’s what flabbergasted means. Blown away. And even more flabbergasted, when without batting an eye the Jack spokesperson caved, succumbed, lost their verve, almost like a hypnotic spell, a snap of the fingers without any thought and Mark Crawford was in.

I worked Saturday and got as much feed back as possible. I posted on the bulletin board that we would vote for ratification on Tuesday. But then a couple of things happened that made that vote unrealistic.

FIRST: I couldn’t get a straight answer on who could or could not vote. According to Jack when a Security Officer is on probation for ninety days, that officer has no union rights for ninety days. The rules are different before and after. However, the union makes officers pay dues from day one. Are they expected to pay dues yet not be allowed to vote? That doesn’t pass the sniff test either. It sounds more like a prison requirement. Probation equals casino prison and since you’re being punished by Jack, you also get your voting rights taken away from you, but you still have to pay the dues. We deserved clarification.

Since twenty percent of our officers are on probation, there’s no way we can have a vote without first resolving that issue.

SECOND: Early Sunday morning I received e-mail notification from Jack’s attorney that several changes were made to the working agreement and that a final version would eventually be forwarded. Until it was confirmed that these changes were indeed ‘not substantive’ (which was their claim) no one in their right mind would expect our members to vote on a five year contract without being aware of what was in that five year binding agreement. 

Since it was the Labor Day weekend and no offices would open until Tuesday I cancelled the scheduled vote and indicated that the details would follow.

On Tuesday International President David Hickey called me at work. I clocked out and took the call.

The call lasted forty minutes. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of him on any of our concerns, questions that should have had easy, definitive answers. He contradicted himself on several key issues. I’ll spare you the details of his forty minute rant, but he was not happy that we wanted to postpone our vote until we could get what Mark promised, a BEST FINAL OFFER, after we had a chance to plead our case one last time. Hickey was loud, aggressive and threatening, but he indicated he would call Jack and eventually get back to me.

That evening while out to dinner with my wife he called. I took the call. It was a forty minute diatribe that was abusive, condescending and very threatening to myself and my family. His profanity-laced screeching and screaming ending with him saying,

“I don’t give a good damned what you say or think, we are having a vote next Tuesday and you had better not say one negative word or you’ll be sorry. And don’t think I won’t hear about it. I hear everything. My people are everywhere. Be warned.”

David Hickey

I was shaken. I had never been spoken to like that professionally. I immediately called Jack’s Director of Security and told him the threatening nature of the call. 

The next morning I resigned as president of local union 141. I announced it by e-mail to Mark Crawford and Team Jack and via our website to our local union members.

I worked one more day, then left on a prescheduled week-end trip to the West Coast.

When I returned to Cleveland I notified Mark Crawford that I still hadn’t been paid. He informed me that David Hickey would hand deliver said check to me on Tuesday, the day of the vote. Remember now, we were being forced to vote without getting our questions answered on who could vote and without the opportunity to counter their wage offer and ask them for a LAST BEST OFFER. Jack Cleveland Casino made one offer and we had to accept it, without any argument. So there was no real negotiation.

I did not feel safe having David Hickey who used gangster-style tactics against me and my family hand-deliver me anything. He should have confirmed that Jack was going to pay. Now he was going to pay?? Why the sudden change? Was he bringing checks for the others on the negotiating team? I don’t know, but I didn’t feel comfortable with his response. What would it look like on the day of voting for the president to be handing me an envelope, when it was agreed that Jack would pay?

I also was concerned that if his people were everywhere and I was at Jack, what might he do to my wife? He knows where we live, Sharon takes our dog for walks, she walks to the stores. He says he hears everything, that his people are everywhere.

I called off the next day. And one more day after that, just to be sure he was probably back in Detroit or at least not in Cleveland. I look upon it as temporarily dodging a bullet, so to speak. I still to this day don’t want to be in the same room as David Hickey. Yes, he is that brutal and I believed every threat with which he attacked me and my family. I still don’t know if we’re safe. And that is why I prefer a different union or no union at all.

That’s what terror is; you just never know what they’ll do if they already would go that far as to make the threats in the first place. I don’t believe they were idle and neither does Sharon.

1 – Local Union 141 was not properly represented by SPFPA. Through their actions, they represented Jack Cleveland Casino. 

2 – I feel we were cheated by not getting our LAST BEST OFFER. We weren’t even given the opportunity to respond to their BEST OFFER.

3 – We didn’t get our straight forward questions answered, and

4 – Nobody had a chance to read the contract,that should have included a separate sheet stating the changes that were made to the agreement by Jack, without my prior knowledge and agreement, before the Local Union 141 members voted on it. The contract was supposedly given to each member when they showed up to vote. Whether the changes were stated in a concise way in said document listed as changes made to said document and who agreed to said changes is still not known by me.


Security Officer Steve Davies


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