SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL DO THE MORNING GAMBLE DANCE YOUR MONEY AWAY On Spectrum 1 Local Cleveland Morning News Advertisements: BE A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY, LIKE ME! WHOLE LOTTO WINNING. OHIO. THAT’S A WHOLE LOTTO WINNING! LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! The Ad shows African man singing the winning song, dancing while losing. Who does that?Continue reading “DO THE MORNING GAMBLE!!”

Want To Make 50 Dollars Free Cash?

Officer Steve as you know him, and I just cashed in. That’s right, ANTHEM BLUE CROSS and BLUE SHIELD health insurance offers policyholders 50 dollars if they participate in a colorectal cancer screening program. If you’re age appropriate, you qualify. Your insurance pays for the test, then they send you a VISA gift card worthContinue reading “Want To Make 50 Dollars Free Cash?”

These 21 states are raising their minimum wage for 2020

Twenty-one states are increasing their minimum wage for the new year with workers from Arizona to Vermont set to see an increase. As Keith Mestrich, CEO of Amalgamated Bank and a fan of the wage hike noted on Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM, “It’s going to be a really happy holiday for a lot of people aroundContinue reading “These 21 states are raising their minimum wage for 2020”


No one could mistake who BIG DAN was rooting for on Thursday 14 November 2019. Dan lit up the whole Casino when he showed up for work decked out from head to toe in a Cleveland Browns suit sporting a fabric with the Cleveland Browns helmet design all over it. Yes, a suit with lapels,Continue reading “DAN THE CAGE MAN”

MGM Springfield property may be sold, leased back by casino giant 

Dan Gilbert isn’t the only one selling off properties. Kelly | SPRINGFIELD — As part of an “asset-light” strategy, MGM Resorts International is contemplating selling off MGM Springfield and other properties, while retaining control of the daily casino operations. The plan is similar to the $4.25 billion sale and lease back of the famedContinue reading “MGM Springfield property may be sold, leased back by casino giant “

Alleged Embezzlement Of Union Funds in SPFPA? Convictions? More?

202 PAGES OF INVESTIGATIONS, (ALLEGED?) PROSECUTING AND/OR SENTENCING ACTIONS FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY by MEMBERS OF SPFPA INTERNATIONAL UNION AND/OR ITS AFFILIATES et al THIS LOG OF ALLEGED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF SPFPA UNION MEMBERS SHOULD STARTLE EVERYONE. Most of the alleged activity comes under the category of embezzlement of funds. My question, given this is allContinue reading “Alleged Embezzlement Of Union Funds in SPFPA? Convictions? More?”

Vici is Scooping up Two Jack Entertainment Properties For $843 Million

Vici Properties Shells Out $843.3 Million For Jack Cleveland, Thistledown Racino, JACK Entertainment Will Lease Back Properties JACK Entertainment is monetizing a pair of Cleveland assets, announcing that it will sell the Jack Cleveland Casino and the Jack Thistledown Racino to Vici Properties (NYSE:VICI) for $843.3 million in cash. Vici Properties is paying $843.3 millionContinue reading “Vici is Scooping up Two Jack Entertainment Properties For $843 Million”


Once upon a short time ago, the management at Jack Casino instructed the Security Officers that they could play music from their cell phones at Podium 5 – the only podium at the casino where silence reigned. Maybe somebody connected to the betterment of Jack Casino noticed the deafening sound of silence when walking aboutContinue reading “THE NIGHT PODIUM 5 RETURNED TO SILENCE – a short story”

An Irish Pub And Restaurant

FUN is what it was. We’ve seen this restaurant while passing by, it seems forever, but never got there till now. I went because I found out that a couple of people I know just happened to work there – unbeknownst to me till they told me. So of course I had to do myContinue reading “An Irish Pub And Restaurant”


Steve’s ready for the ‘BROWNS MEET UNDEFEATED PATRIOTS IN FOXBORO TODAY’. Yup. He’s wearing his lucky BROWNS WIN socks and colors. And has his Fruit and Nut Chocolate MuffCakes ready to devour after the SMOKED RICOTTA AND GOUDA SPREAD and VEGGIE DOGS AND LIBATIONS!! ANIMAL-FREE of course. So-o-o good.

Removing Jack Cleveland Casino Images That May Be Subject To Copyright

After being told by SPFPA Union attorney Gregory Gordon to remove from this website any logos associated with said union under penalty of legal action, and since they appeared to be representing Jack Cleveland Casino, I decided that I should also replace any images of Jack Cleveland Casino that may be subject to copyright thatContinue reading “Removing Jack Cleveland Casino Images That May Be Subject To Copyright”


Where does that come from? Hot meals for lunch. I brown-bagged it and didn’t complain. I didn’t have piled high roast beef sandwiches like some of the other kids, but I ate and liked what I had. Maybe it’s a throw back to the old days when the main meal was served at noon. IContinue reading “HOT MEAL FOR LUNCH?”


TYPICAL CLEVELAND. WHY? The trash receptacles look the same along Cleveland’s city streets – overflowing with trash. It’s not that people don’t want to use the designated trash receptacles, it’s that the city management team doesn’t want to collect the trash. Living on the Edge of Cleveland and Lakewood, one sees the startling difference inContinue reading “HIGBEE ON NOTICE”


Just having some alone-time fun after re-discovering the photo booth on my computer. When it instructed me to step out of the frame, nothing happened, so I went back in. Why is it that these days nothing comes with instructions? Everybody just figures it out on their own. I often wonder about what it takesContinue reading “JUST HAVING SOME FUN; DON’T EVERYBODY PANIC”


Do you mean instead of beating them up in an alley or stuffing them into the trunk of a car for a late night dip in the lake? Who even does that? Sues their own card-carrying and dues-paying members? SPFPA (International Union, Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America. That’s who. Who pays for theContinue reading “UNION BOSSES SUING UNION MEMBERS”


Finley: Video shows an alert, strong Dan Gilbert Nolan Finley, The Detroit NewsPublished 10:53 a.m. ET Aug. 2, 2019 | Updated 6:31 p.m. ET Aug. 2, 2019CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert, who has not been seen publicly since suffering a stroke Memorial Day weekend, appeared in a video message emailed to employees this week, andContinue reading “FINLEY: VIDEO SHOWS AN ALERT, STRONG DAN GILBERT”

Jack’s Casino Security Union in Ohio Threatens its Members and Demands It Remove its Name & Logo from Local 141’s Website | Unions for Security Guards -Security Guard Unions

Jack’s Casino Security Union in Ohio Threatens its Members and Demands It Remove its Name & Logo from Local 141’s Website 10 Tuesday Sep 2019 Posted by Unions For Security Guards – Security Guard Unions A Special Shout Out to The Casino Security Officers working @ Jack’s Casino in Cleveland Ohio. These Local 141 Officers were toldContinue reading “Jack’s Casino Security Union in Ohio Threatens its Members and Demands It Remove its Name & Logo from Local 141’s Website | Unions for Security Guards -Security Guard Unions”