Me and Garry Met Up With Mark Tricano For A Sit-Down


Thank you very much Mr. Tricano for your time. I know how busy you are. After a recent incident, one of our officers asked what is the casino doing, or has done, to ensure Team Members and patron safety?


Great question and always appropriate. Considering the number of guests visiting our facility every day, the risk of incident is unlikely. However, it is important to emphasize that our first and foremost priority is the safety of our guests and TMs. While we can never eliminate all risk in its entirety, we have several measures in place to greatly reduce risk.

They include: off duty law enforcement staff on property 24/7; state gaming agents that are on property at all times; surveillance assistance and information; and security protocol and procedures, such as at least two security TMs to any issue.

Additionally, Garry is currently evaluating implementing de-escalation training for our security team members. This training would cover techniques to generate voluntary compliance and provide safety tactics to protect team members.


I noticed in your caricature downstairs that you are holding what appears to be a Commodore Perry. If you could have only one beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?


I’m impressed that you recognized my caricature is holding a commodore Perry IPA; however, if I could have one local beer for the rest of my life, it would be Dortmunder. I love Great Lakes and their seasonal beers, especially Christmas Ale; however, the Dortmunder is always in season and great any time of year!


I also saw that you have a Seinfeld banner in your picture. Do you have a favorite episode from Seinfeld?


You think you’re better than me?! It’s go time! My favorite Seinfeld episode is titled “The English Patient”. This one stands out the most to me because of the Mandelbaums, especially Izzy (aka Lloyd Bridges). He lived in Del Boca Vista retirement community with Jerry’s parents and is always quick to show off his feats of strength.


In closing sir, I would like to ask you about your time at West Point. What would you like to pass along to those of us who did not have the good fortune to attend West Point?


Something I’ve always carried with me from my time at West Point are the values of Duty, Honor, & Country. I can talk on and on about these values and how they impact my life, but we don’t have that much time. That said, one element of those values that I think is important for security TMs to consider is teamwork.

It is essential to the job you do every day in security. As a department, you cannot be successful unless everyone is working towards the same goals, supporting one another, and when appropriate, holding each other accountable.

This is what made good units great when I was in the Army. Understanding that your actions, good or bad, impact your teammate and then changing your behavior for the good of the larger team.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this before in your department. Examples, like the positive impact preventing a minor from entering the casino has on the team or the negative impact and ripple effect from frequent callouts or EOs are two that come to mind.

Overall, I’ve watched your department improve a lot over the past year or so. I’m proud of your department and you should be too. Keep up the good work!

Mark Tricano, Senior Vice President of Northeast Ohio Operations at Jack Entertainment

Garry Prebynski, Director Of Security, Jack Entertainment

Stephen Davies-Tight, Security Officer, Jack Entertainment and Local Union 141 president



One of my high school chums made a lot of money as a personal injury attorney. He was, so to speak, the Tim Misney of the Florida Keys. He told me once that a sign of a good agreement is when both sides say “ouch”.

In other words, no one gets everything they want. They must meet you half way, then negotiate a compromise for the rest of it.

I wasn’t here for the first contract, but I suspect what happened. We got ‘seniority’; they got everything else – that certain type of sandwich, but without the bread.

Our Local Union 141 was their ‘ouch’.

Twelve dollars per hour was ours’ – as was a 12 point system and you’re outta’ here – as was double point days – as was BLACKOUT days – as was one bad ID – no matter how good and you’re escorted out – as was the double jeopardy of points and PTO (personal/paid time off). Ad finitum.

When written it looks like these agreements were based on a PUNISH TO SUCCEED doctrine.

But WAIT…What if I told you there was a better way?

A WIN-WIN WAY. Where both sides are smiling not frowning…

…Sort of like the ODEL BECKMSAN JR. trade. The Giants get rid of a pain in the butt; they dumped a ship-load of salary onto the Browns. They get a number one pick and Jabrill Peppers. They aren’t going anywhere soon anyway.

And us, we get the one piece we needed to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. I guarantee you that they were doing handstands in Berea and at the Meadowlands – a CLASSIC win-win.


And it isn’t very complicated. It’s really quite simple. It can be measured by objective standards:

1-JACK GETS a trained, dependable Security work force that comes to work (only emergency call offs), arriving in a timely manner (no tardiness), well-groomed and good looking (no uniform violations).

2-JACK GETS an experienced Security Team that competes every game every year creating an industry-low turnover rate due to high employee job satisfaction.

3-JACKS GETS high customer satisfaction surveys and positive rumor mill reviews throughout the land. After all, the cards speak for themselves, when the team has the ability to stack the deck in JACK’S favor.

JACK Security Team delivers professional service to every customer, every day, no exceptions, no excuses.

LABOR is down, overtime is down, we are essentially self-directed. We don’t need as much supervision, because we’re responsible employees operating on a stage in full view of the public and those who watch us from behind the curtain.

We’re at our best, not our worst.

PROFITS ARE UP because of these positive, forward moving, money making strategies.


IF JACK has a team as good as our team, one that consistently delivers on our agreed upon responsibilities, then JACK will be forced to treat us with a compensation package commensurate with that performance.

4-WE GET a respectable wage and benefits package.

5-WE GET RESPECTABLE RULES & REGULATIONS and respectable treatment at all levels of the organization.


However, all of this is based on every single one of us going ‘All IN’.

Every officer, everyday, no exceptions, no excuses.

Common sense tells us that JACK isn’t going to give us a respectable wage and benefit package and respectable treatment throughout the organization if only half of us are doing a respectable job.

JACK is going to split the difference with us, which is fine for the slackers, but not fine for those of us who want to win.

So you see, it is my business and it should be yours – when one team mate slacks off, we all lose respect.

Every officer, everyday, no exceptions, no excuses.



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