Once upon a short time ago, the management at Jack Casino instructed the Security Officers that they could play music from their cell phones at Podium 5 – the only podium at the casino where silence reigned.

Maybe somebody connected to the betterment of Jack Casino noticed the deafening sound of silence when walking about the casino and happening upon Podium 5. Whatever the reason, the Security Officers assigned to that Podium liked the idea of playing hand-selected tunes from their phones while carrying out their duties to serve and protect.

They could play it on speaker phone so the patrons could hear it too. Of course it was understood that a certain amount of decorum was expected. I mean this is, after all, a work place where others are hearing what is played, and why would any officer or person in any work place choose to satisfy their own music tastes, while offending the ears of others?

JACK CASINO isn’t a nightclub. But even in a nightclub, workers are not allowed to play their own music. It’s a privilege if they are allowed.

In the instance of JACK CASINO it means that JACK trusts the Security Officers with its customers.

Well lo and behold as all stories are told, a villain emerges from the Wild West to ruin the show on the no-holds-barred night shift at JACK CASINO.

All it takes is one, not a hundred and one to change the way things get done.

For those people who doubt that one person can change the world? Oh yes they can. In this instance – in a JACK CASINO heart beat.

One person apparently decided it was their right, based on permission by a management personnel directive, to abuse the privilege and recklessly blare out rap-type-racist-rant-type songs to all who approached and walked through Podium 5.

Well as the music told it, it didn’t take long to shut that rap hell down. And that was the end of Security Officer hand-selected music at Podium 5.

All that remains from that horrible night is the deafening sound of silence as patrons approach and walk through the gates of an experiment gone bad at the only podium in the casino that was in a music-free zone.

Although the other Security Officers weren’t at Podium 5 on that fateful night, they all feel the absence of joy and the vacancy of silence as they reach for their cell phones to fill the void, then stop themselves. It’s no longer allowed.

The privilege was abused and now they all suffer, because of one Security Officer gone rogue.

It takes only one, not a hundred and one.

For anyone who doubts that one person can change the world. Yes they can. Either for the better or the worse.

Podium 5 has memories now.

Can the privilege ever be restored?

Management can’t be distracted by having to check on everybody’s music – every song – at Podium Five on everybody’s shift 24/7. They trusted the Security Officers to respect the customers and one Security Officer did not.

One Security Officer fell from trust. That means all the Security Officers fell from trust. The punishment meted out proved that they all fell from trust.

One for all, all for one. That’s the motto.

The one Security Officer who is responsible for all the other Security Officers losing the Privilege at Podium Five should be held accountable by the other Security Officers.

Find a way to demonstrate to management:

Responsibility Reigns.

Rogue does not Reign.

Not here.



  • If you want respect, then you must respect others. That’s your job.
  • Your job isn’t to incite violence at the workplace through music.
  • If anybody thinks that’s their responsibility as a Security Officer, then they need to find another line of work.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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