Gordon A. Gregory, General Counsel Issues “CEASE and DESIST” Warning To Davies-Tight and Threatens Legal Action

The Wife’s Comment: It is my responsibility as the sole owner of this website, and the .com domain associated with it to keep the public as well as the security officers whom I hold in high regard informed of any threats made to the owner of this site, or the site itself, for the purpose of forced compliance to any agenda.

I established and designed local141.com as a public service. I will continue to use it as a public service open to everyone. It has earned a place alongside my other historic cyber landmark sites for future reference and learning purposes.

From: “Gordon A. Gregory” <Gordon@unionlaw.net>
Date: September 5, 2019 at 2:48:50 PM EDT
To: “stevedavies-tight@att.net” <stevedavies-tight@att.net>
Cc: David Hickey <dlhickey@spfpa.org>, “mcrawford@spfpa.org” <mcrawford@spfpa.org>, Harold Trigg <htrigg@spfpa.org>, spfpapres <spfpapres@spfpa.org>
Subject: Local Union No. 141, SPFPA

Mr. Davies-Tight: 

It has come to my attention that you are using the Local 141, SPFPA website and the Union’s name and logo without authorization, and for purposes detrimental and defamatory of the International Union. 

Take notice that demand is hereby made that you cease and desist forthwith from the use of and reference to the SPFPA trademark, logo, name and Local 141 website.

In the event that you refuse or fail to do so, appropriate legal action will be instituted. Moreover, you are cautioned to refrain from false comment defaming the SPFPA, its officers and members.  

Gordon A. Gregory, General Counsel

International Union, SPFPA

Gregory, Moore, Brooks & Clark, PC

65 Cadillac Square, Suite 3727

Detroit, MI 48226


313-964-2125 FAX 

Steve’s Response:

stephen davies-tight <stevedavies-tight@att.net>

To:Gordon A. Gregory

Cc:Sharon Davies-Tight

Sep 5 at 5:03 PM

Gordan A. Gregory:

The only website that I have ever used involving SPFPA is a website that is owned by my wife.

I will remove any trademark or logo of SPFPA.

It is my understanding that the truth is an absolute defense regarding ‘defamation’, therefore there is none on my part.

I suggest your client be careful.  I have not disseminated any ‘misinformation.

Stephen Davies-Tight

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