Union President Davies Reluctantly Resigns

Dear Brothers & Sisters of Local Union 141:

Like most of you I had never seen nor heard from any SPFPA union representative until a week ago yesterday when we began contract negotiations.  I just paid my dues and kept on trucking.

Despite Mark Crawford’s utter incompetence and willful disdain your committee was able to secure a fairly decent contract offer from the Jack committee.  As I predicted earlier, like most successful negotiations, both sides yelped, “Ouch!!!”  We got less than we wanted; they paid more than they wanted.

My interactions with Mark Crawford throughout the process and with International President David Hickey these last two days have been painful to me personally and to our Security Officers as a whole.

I have been threatened with “consequences”, verbally abused and lied to.  In good conscience I cannot continue to be a part of a system of union negotiations that doesn’t negotiate in good faith on behalf of those they supposedly represent. Therefore, effective immediately, I resign as President of Local Union 141. 

David and Mark have organized a ratification vote for next Tuesday. They will forward details to all Union Members.

I, personally, support the offer.  And I will vote for it.  As I said to Stacy King, Senior VP Human Resources, “I see this as a win for our union.” 

Of course, many of you may see it differently.  Each person must decide for him or her self. Please don’t let anyone, even me, influence your vote. That’s a principle America stands for and so do I. Majority Rules.

I now will devote my time and effort to transform our department into the Mighty Team that it can be because we have Mighty Individuals. 

One for all, all for one.  Drinks for the bar!!!

Thank you very much for the honor of letting me serve you.


Stephen Davies-Tight


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© 2019 Officer Davies

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