Free Energy Saving Kits

Steve found an offer for free energy saving kits online or in his email, so he sent away for one – all free, no postage required. It took a couple of weeks to receive, but was I ever impressed when it arrived. This was some good high end stuff, again, all free.

About a year ago management where I live went around to every apartment and installed new aerators in the kitchen and shower heads in the bathroom to save on water. The problem was that it set the flow to an unusually slow pace – too slow for most people. Just because we’re old and slow-walking doesn’t mean we like slow running water. I don’t have the time to stand over the sink waiting while a slow stream fills a pasta pot with water. Washing dishes takes twice as long to rinse them, which annoys everyone.

The people who designed these aerators reached too far to save too much water and resulted in most people removing them until inspection time. So the experiment failed, because somebody got too greedy.

Now comes this new aerator that has a lever on it for two speeds of water release, slow and faster. Perfect fit, perfect functionality.

I turn to the bathroom shower head. When the guy went to install the shower head provided by management, he noticed I already had a water saver, gave me the one the management wanted me to use and simply said, when you move replace yours with this one. Not a problem. I was already saving water.

But this new shower head, so much better than mine. It has different speeds, the dial moves with ease and the massage feature is a lot stronger, while it still conserves on water. I’m a happy camper.

The furnace filter I couldn’t use, because we have electric heat.

The LED lightbulbs worked better than my squiggly energy saver ones. And the night lights that are sensitive to light work better than my old ones.

I know this offer is good in Ohio. I would think that every state has a similar program, so check it out. It is well worth the few minutes it takes to order them. No obligations required.

They want you to save energy and they’re giving you incentive to do it. A lot of people still use the old-fashioned lightbulbs and could be saving lots of dollars on their electric bills.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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