ONE ON ONE – with the Director

12 April 2019

Director of Security Garry Prebynski

Executive Director Garry Prebynski assembled an eleven member management team to assist and guide his security officers in Protecting People and Property at Jack Cleveland Casino.

Ten of those managers came from Jack Security. Only one was hired from outside the system.

Garry himself was an hourly graveyard officer when we were Horseshoe Casino.

What should be obvious is that you are in an advantageous position for advancement if you already work in the Security Department of Jack Cleveland Casino.

Opportunity is knocking…are you going to answer the door?

I caught up with Director Prebynski recently and asked him to shed some light on his Promotion Process. This is his response:

“Unfortunately, the thing that eliminates most potential security candidates for advancement is their attendance points. If you have more than 6 points, you are automatically removed from HR. So attendance is a big factor when a Security Officer wants to be promoted.

I have had 4 promotion opportunities since I’ve taken over and every one of them was internal. I am a big believer in promoting from within.

The first thing I look for in a potential security candidate to be promoted is their attitude. My two favorite ISMS are ‘Obsessed with finding a better way’ and ‘We will figure it out’. I look for someone who models those two ISMS each day on the job.

Someone who is presenting new ideas on how to improve, someone who is upbeat and positive even when the shift might not be going the way they want, someone who is going to put the team’s interest before their own. That is the type of individual I want leading the Security Department.”

Thanks a lot Garry. I appreciate you taking the time, but before we go I would be remiss were I not to give you a shout out for your recent 3-PEAT in the foul shooting contest. Anthony the Amateur didn’t stand a chance! (haha)

And lastly, 3 quick questions, as you look into your famous crystal ball:

Me: How many games does the Tribe win this year?

Garry: 100

Me: And the Browns?

Garry: 10

Me: And most importantly, in your lifetime will Michigan ever beat Ohio State again?

Garry: Maybe before 2025!!

Thank you.

Officer Steve Davies-Tight, President, Local Union 141

Let’s all stay connected.

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